What is Adsense Meaning, Purpose and Use?

What is Adsense Meaning, Purpose and Use?
What is Adsense Meaning, Purpose and Use?

There are a surprising number of people who simply don't know the meaning, purpose or use of Google's Adsense. Today I hope to answer those questions and give you a lot more information about what Google Adsense is all about...

What is Google Adsense and What Does it Mean?

Essentially AdSense is an advertising placement service run and owned by Google. It allows web publishers and content creators to earn money from their hard work by showing targeted ads in text, video or image form. Most of these advertisements are made using another of Googles services called "Adwords" which is now called "Google Ads".

All you need to do is to sign up for Google Adsense, apply the small code they give you and as if by magic ads will start appearing on your videos or website. This is a little easier if you are on YouTube which is another video service owned by Google which also has Adsense integration. Put short it means you can earn money online from creating content. The better the content you make, the more money you can earn from it because more people will view it!

How Do You Earn Money From Google Adsense?

Once you have signed up for Google Adsense, got approval and entered the code they give you all you then need to do is to keep making the best content you can. You will then earn money when someone looks at a webpage or YouTube video with an advertisement on. This can be either an earn per-click or an earn per-impression basis. There really isn't anything else you need to do and most people will never play around in their own Adsense account unless they have learned what they are doing. While there are indeed many other Google Adsense alternatives it is still the main program that people earn money from online.

What is The Purpose of Google Adsense?

Believe it or not, before Adsense come along the only way you could get ads for your videos or websites is to make them yourself and sell them yourself. This is where Adsense comes into it as a sort of middle man. They deal with the sort of ads you show, charge the advertisers for those ads then give you a percentage of that price to you, the content creator. No longer do you have to get advertisers to advertise on your sites, it is all done for you and coming from someone who remembers those days it is far, far easier in so many ways.

Well, I hope this short post has answered at least some of the most comment questions about Google Adsense. But if you do have any more do leave them in the comments below as I am always happy to answer them.