Should I Be Using Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?

Should I Be Using Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?

This is something that a few of you have asked me and once again the answer relies a lot on your own site you YouTube channel. Today I will go into the reasons why both are OK and get down to the way you should be picking which one to go for...

Using Adsense

Unless you are highly targeting your keywords, Adsense on a blog or YouTube channel is just a numbers game. So the bigger the numbers, the more you will earn! The truth is in the early days of growing a site, blog or YouTube channel it can be hard to earn anything other than tuppence for hours of work and in these times it is best to go for affiliate marketing rather than using Adsense.

Having said that, if you have targeted your site, channel towards those higher paying Adsense keywords you can easily earn a lot more with much lower viewing numbers. In fact, done correctly you can earn way more money with Adsense than you ever could with affiliate marketing, but I will be honest and tell you it is not easy to find those right high-paying keywords and then build your channel or site up to rank well for those terms.

Using Affiliate Marketing

Much like Adsense, unless you have highly targeted your audience you won't earn much if anything from doing affiliate marketing because it relies heavily on the viewers/readers wanting that product or service in the first place! But the good news is you don't need anywhere near the numbers of views you would need to earn the same amounts from Adsense. In fact, just a single lead to an affiliate site can net you hundreds of pounds. If you are just starting out in the internet marketing game this is the way to go.

So which is best overall? 

In fact, a good internet marketer will use both of these revenue streams to earn the most from each. Learning and understanding each of them is vital for your growth as both an online earner and your income stream. Knowing the pros and cons of each of them will help you decide which way to point you channel so why not play around with them both in those early times of earning online and learn which one to go forward with. Sure, this might not have been the answer you wanted, but the truth is it really does depend o your own personal knowledge of both of them.