One-Day A.I Will Take Control of Adsense - And That's a Good Thing!

One-Day A.I Will Take Control of Adsense - And That's a Good Thing!

Let's face it. If there is one thing Adsense is lacking it is quicker, decisive decisions and maybe at least some form of customer support. But none of that is happening at the moment and it is for reasons I try to explain in my post "Why Doesn't Adsense Have Live Chat, Phone or Email Customer Support?". But could A.I one day take greater control of Adsense and make it better for all of us? In this post I try and discover just how much of Adsense is run by A.I now and how much should be...

Be it the YouTube copyright system, the Adsense approval system or the demonetization system, they are all run by AI algorithms that get smarter and faster with each passing week. If that is the case how come it takes so long to get Adsense approval? While I can't be 100% sure why, there are some logical reasons, but I believe A.I will make those reasons redundant within the next few years. While I still think humans need to be involved in the Adsense approval side of things to keep advertisers happy but a customer chat support could be almost entirely run by A.I,...even now!

I have a friend who works in a call centre for a big named bank (the one with the horse). He tells me he personally handles about 250-300 calls a day but will only ever talks to a few of these people. So you might ask who is talking to the others? Well, the truth is its an AI algorithm that knows the answers to the majority of peoples questions and it handles their calls rather than a human. Now...

Let's flip that around to Adsense and look at some of the questions people constantly ask the Adsense and YouTube Twitter account...

Dear Adsense Team, my name is XXX I am trying to verify my website

Dear YouTube team by default I tried to create another Adsense account as I already had one, can you help?

I have linked my active & approved google adsense account to my blogger website but its still not showing!

And you are trying to tell me that even the simplest of AI algorithmic responses can't handle these questions? I have picked just 3 but there and hundreds of the same questions asked each and every day. There are simple answers to these questions that any auto-message response could handle. So why don't they do it? To be honest, I have no idea, but I have already talked about why it is impossible for Google to hire humans to do it, so I only hope that A.I will one day take over and answer these types of questions on its own.

If I had to guess why they don't already do this when many other businesses are using this technology it is because Google feels A.I is not quite ready to deal with humans in that way yet. A.I can already make calls and book appointments via your smartphone, so I am not so sure this is the case.

Do you know why Adsense doesn't use this sort of technology? If you do why not leave a comment below and get a discussion going.