Can You Really Get Banned For Click Fraud By Someone Else's Doing?

Can You Really Get Banned For Click Fraud By Someone Else's Doing?

This weird "rumour" has been going around the internet for some time that there are malicious people going around deliberately clicking on a site owners ads so they get banned from Adsense for "click fraud". So is it true? Can you really get someone banned from using Adsense simply by clicking on their ads? And then again maybe yes as well...

The truth is Adsense is not perfect and sometimes both the Adsense reporting algorithm and the human team working on Adsense make mistakes and will ban someone for this very reason even when they have done nothing wrong. But if I had to guess about those times I would say most of them are quickly sorted out and if the person or account in question has done nothing wrong everything will soon be reinstated.

Half the issues with this "rumour" are most people who say they are the victims of "Adsense click fraud" are doing it themselves or think they can be smart and use things like VPN's or even asking friends and family to click on the ads when as we have seen in my post "Can You Click On Your Own Ads And Not Get Caught Or Banned?" its pretty easy to tell this is the case.

Then there are also people who give Adsense the classic line of "Someone hacked my Email account, logged onto my website and clicked a bunch of ads, but it certainly wasn't me!" if that is the case you will need to vastly improve your site and email security level. Even in my ears, this sounds rather dodgy let alone an Adsense team that tracks multiple points of data like geolocation, IP address, Browsing History and still thinks you did it yourself.

As I said, I am sure there is a small number of cases when Adsense have banned someone for this very issue and it really wasn't their fault, but if you have nothing to be guilty of you also have nothing to worry about when it comes to Adsense click fraud. If you are that worries about is use click monitoring software or site traffic analysis so you know where most people are coming from and what they are doing when they are on your site. For the majority of us, this is not something to worry about unless you are doing something that Adsense should be worried about.