What is The Best Way to do A/B Ad Testing?

What is The Best Way to do A/B Ad Testing?

If you are getting into Adsense and starting to learn about A/B testing you might want to learn a little more about the right way to go about it. It's not quite as simple as adding more ads in different locations, there is a science to it and here are some of the things you should not only take into consideration but also test for...

Number of Ads

This is the one most people start with, but oddly it is one of the lest important. If your aim is to grow revenue this should be a very small part of your testing. Please note, that is not me saying increasing the number of ads you have is bad, but it's not something that should be the sole aim of your A/B testing.

Placement of Ads

This one is what many Adsense publishers will consider being the most important element in your A/B testing. Learning the "where" will also help you understand the "why" someone clicks on an add so do spend a lot of time testing the location of all your own ads rather than the number of ads you have in the first place.

The Size of Ads

Studies of my own have shown it is bigger the better when it comes to ads. Those leaderboards and tall sidebar banners will often get seen and clicked way more often than those smaller text ads. But then you will also have to ask yourself if those big ads really look nice in the locations you have placed them.

Where Someone Is Looking

If you know where people are looking you can easily place the ads within eyeshot, but how do you know where they are looking? The easy answer to that is learning what ad locations get clicked more and form a rough guide on where people are looking. But an easier way to do it is to run heat-map tests.

The Type of Ads

Once you know the right amount of ads to show and the right locations to place them in you need to know what type of ad is best to show in each location. Once again this can all be done through A/B testing yourself or with an Ad testing program like Ezoic. This in-article and in-line ads can be used to great effect in the strangest of places so make sure you test, test and then test some more, but don't just stick to one of these testing elements, try mixing the ads up each and every time.

While this is no means a guide to A/B testing I hope this small bit of advice will help shape your ad testing for the better. If you need to know anything more regarding this or any other Adsense related information just let me know in the comments below.