Can You Click On Your Own Ads And Not Get Caught Or Banned?

Can You Click On Your Own Ads And Not Get Caught Or Banned?

What if I told you I have indeed clicked on my own ads? Would you question why I wasn't banned from using Google Adsense? Of course, you would! People will often live in fear after they accidentally click on their own ads, constantly wondering when Adsense will ban them. But there is a MASSIVE difference between clicking on your own ads with intent and clicking on your own ads deliberately. Let me explain a little more...

The first thing is to understand just how easy it is for Google to notice you are clicking on your own ads, even if you scramble your IP a million times over and even fly to a different country just to do it. Or even easier than that asking a friend to click on them. The reason people get caught and banned so easily is because of the flow of their sites own ad revenue. This chart is my own blogs ad earnings from last year...

Adsense Chart 1 - Normal Earnings For 12 Months

You can see dips and flows throughout the year with the end of the year reaching its normal high points. If you get some friends, family or even yourself to deliberately click on your own ads, that same chart might look more like this...

Adsense Chart 2 - Extra Illegal Clicks Earnings For 12 Months

It is easy to see there is something wrong here and if your own site's traffic doesn't show a massive increase to justify that unseasonal increase in clicks it's pretty obvious to just about anyone (let alone the Adsense boffins and algorithm) that something is fishy with the numbers.

Site Traffic Chart - Almost Zero Change in Traffic

But what if you accidentally click on an ad or intentional click on it because you like the product. Well...that is a different kettle of fish.

But clicking on your own ads once or twice a month you won't gain a whole lot from it, but you won't get banned either. If your intentions are true and you really are interested in the item the ad is selling you should click on it and maybe make a purchase. Just don't expect anything money wise to come from it. Even if you click on an Amazon ad and buy a £5,000 TV you won't get much more than 10-20p for that one click. Unless you have high amounts of traffic just a few "extra" clicks from nowhere is always going to look suspicious. So why waste your time and effort trying to find ways to cheat the system when you could put all that effort in growing your site's traffic and earning real Adsense revenue without living in fear of getting banned.

Have you ever been banned for this reason or know of someone who was? Why not let me know the whole story in the comments below.