Is Google Adsense Right For My Blog?

This is something that has a lot or personal choice behind it, but I will try and make some suggestions that might help you decide. While in truth only you yourself know the real answer to this question because by now you should really know your audience as well as your own blog stats. But these are a few of the things to ask yourself in order to help you reach the answer...

What Are My Blog Numbers

Is Google Adsense Right For My Blog? 

This is the biggest thing you need to think about when deciding if Adsense is right for your blog or website. If your numbers are small (under 1000 page views per day) you really shouldn't expect much from Adsense and should probably try and push harder with affiliate links like Amazon associates or some other affiliate clicks. But if your site gets 5,000+ page views per day you really can earn a pretty good wage. While a lot will of course depend on the niche your blog is as well as the keywords people are visiting your blog it should still be enough to earn you a decent monthly wage.

Would My Audience Mind?

Why not ask your readers via a blog post or social media if they would mind you showing a few highly related ads to them in future pages and blog posts. Most people really don't mind and in most cases, people won't even realise you have added ads in the first place due to their own ad blindness.

Can I Add The Adsense Code Myself?

This is something a lot of people have trouble with and when it comes to your first WordPress blog it can be a daunting experience adding the Adsense code to the CSS. If you really don't think you can do it I would ask someone on Fiverr to do it or maybe a friend. Just to let you know it really is very easy and most people should be able to insert the code for Adsense Auto ads and leave it at that. Auto Ads is one small line of code and the rest is all done for you.

Do I have Any Reason Not To Use Adsense?

If you have controversial or political content on your blog you might not get accepted in the first place, especially if you are showing ads from another ad network. Making sure you stick to Adsense terms and conditions means you shouldn't have any issues getting approval and getting paid each and every month.

While these are just a few of the things you should ask yourself I am also happy to talk about your site and its options with you. If you are new to Adsense or just need some advice do please leave a comment in the box below.