Five Things You Should Never Do With Your Adsense Account

Five Things You Should Never Do With Your Adsense Account

I have a lot of articles on this site talking about making money and how to deal with problems, but I have never talked about the don't do's of your Adsense account. This article features 5 things you really shouldn't do with your Adsense account in order to stay within the terms of the Adsense agreement and stay safe from Ne'er-do-well'ers...

Never Ever Give Your Log In Details To Anyone

You will be truly surprised how often people use this as an excuse when appealing against invalid clicks. The old comedy "it wasn't me it was the one-armed man" line never works as you shouldn't ever give anyone your Adsense log-in's in the first place. Not even Adsense themselves will ask for this information so keep it to yourself.

Never Attach Someone Else's Channel or Website

If someone has asked you to link your own Adsense to their YouTube channel or blog you should always say no. Not only is this against Adsense terms of the agreement but it is also a risk to your account as the other person might accidentally click on their own ads and this could lead to your whole Adsense account being shut down, so don't do it...EVER!

Never Share Your Adsense Details Online

While this might sound like advice given to people new to the web, but you would be shocked how many times I see this exact thing happening. The most common tweet I see is "Dear Adsense, my Account has not been validated, my ad code is "Pub ID- pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxx" You then get people panicking for them and telling them to remove the information as well as Adsense themselves telling the person to remove the tweet, it causes chaos when all it takes is a little common sense to know it is the wrong thing to do.

Never Ad Ad-code to Emails or Other Marketing Material

If you have an Infographic or an email newsletter, you should never ad Adsense go to anything other than a linked website. Adding ad-code to most things besides a website is against the terms of agreement to stick to what it does allow which is sites, blogs and YouTube channels.

Try To Manipulate The Adsense Code

While it is far beyond most peoples skill level to do anything to the adsense code I have heard stories of people getting banned for doing just that. I am not sure what they would do with it besides adding an auto clicker code, but it is still something you should never do even if you do know what you are looking at.

While there are many more things that can cause you trouble or get your Adsense account banned I think I have covered most the basics here. But if you know of anything else you really shouldn't do with your Adsense account do let me know in the comments below.