The Top 5 Highest Adsense Earners And How They Achieved It

The Top 5 Highest Adsense Earners And How They Achieved It

Have you ever wondered what the biggest Adsense earners earn? I know I have and when I found out I have to admit I was truly shocked. There aren't any YouTubers on this list and there isn't anyone who brought an earning website, they all started with a URL and a lot of content creation ahead of them...

Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore - Site: - Estimated Adsense Earnings: $10,00,000/month

While he now works with a large team of people Pete Cashmore started off writing his own articles on his own blog! With numbers like his, it just goes to show how much money there is to be made in the news blog genre.

Courtney Rosen

Courtney Rosen - Site: - Estimated Adsense Earnings: $650,000/month

This is another lifestyle blogger who wrote her own articles and now works with a large team of content creators. While they have hit YouTube pretty hard with almost 200,000 videos her main source of revenue is still the site itself.

Shawn Hogan

Shawn Hogan - Site: - Estimated Adsense Earnings: $550,000/month

While there are millions of SEO and Blogging blogs this one is the top earner and once again he started writing his own content and now works with hundreds of people to keep the site's content flowing. I will put a lot of his Adsense revenue down to SEO keywords being very high per click (upwards of $20 per click).

Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose - Site: - Estimated Adsense Earnings: $500,000/month

While digg is more a social media site than anything else it is still a forum based one that was started by Kevin Rose himself. This university drop-out has certainly done rather well for himself and his Adsense earnings are a small part of his overall income.

Markus Frind

Markus Frind - Site: - Estimated Adsense Earnings: $450,000/month

I can only guess there are millions of people who own their love lives and marriages to Plenty of Fish, but it was started by just one man who created a simple dating forum for people to post on as he was looking for love himself and didn't like the payment system the others were using so created one to run on Adsense.


So...what do we learn by looking at these 5 people and their sites? We learn that they are all multi-millionaires! OK, So that isn't the main point to this post, it is more to point out that even the biggest of Adsense earners that make PewDiePie look like a low earner did indeed start making posts on their own. Much like millions of bloggers all over the world these people all started at the bottom and worked hard making the best content and sites they could. None of them had special abilities, none of them had vast amounts of money before their blogs took off, they all started with the most basic thing...a passion for writing. So I guess there is hope for all of us no matter what we blog about.

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