Should You Be Using an AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme?

The problem with this question is there are a number of ways of looking at it. If you enjoy the style and layout of these themes then you should always stick with it regardless of the Adsense optimisation. But then again, if you are new to using Adsense maybe it would be a good option. After all, I have said several times that Auto ads are not the best. I think the best way to answer this question is to look at the pros and cons of using an Adsense optimised Wordpress theme...

The Pros...

To start with many Adsense Optimized Wordpress themes do look pretty good and have blocks for you to insert your Adsense code making it quick and easy to get ads running on your site. Even if you don't have Adsense approval these type of themes might still be a good option because you can often insert your own clickable banners for affiliate marketing.

It also has to be said that many of these themes look their best on mobile platforms and we all know how important that is! Many of them also have loads of fantastic options to play around with including having different post layouts for every new post you make.

And finally one of the best pros is that they can load a lot faster than some non-Adsense friendly sites. Sure, these loading time differences won't be a lot, but many of them do still load faster.

The Cons...

Here is the absolute truth no matter what a Wordpress theme developer will say. Many of these "Adsense Ready" themes will earn you a lot less than simply inserting the Adsense code yourself in the right places once you have worked out where those "right places" are with several months of A/B testing. Even without testing, most people will see an increase in earnings if they insert the code themselves.

These themes might not be to your tastes. Just because they are Adsense Optimised doesn't mean you should go for them. The right theme for you and your blog is not necessarily the right theme for someone else's blog. If you are happy with your theme you will make better content and that means a better user experience.

Lastly, it does have to be said many of these "Adsense Optimized" themes cost more than one that isn't. This doesn't mean they are not worth buying because like I said the right theme for you is always the best theme to use, regardless of price.

This is just one of those questions that only yourself can answer. If you like the style of the theme then use it! Don't worry if its Adsense Ready or not. But as always that is just my own personal opinion and I would love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments below.