HELP! Where Has My YouTube Earnings Gone?

HELP! Where Has My YouTube Earnings Gone?

I'm willing to hold my hand up and say I panicked like this on my first month of YouTube Earnings. But there really isn't anything to worry about! But yet, this is something I see all the time on Twitter and its something I feel Adsense themselves don't explain properly, so I hope that I can help people understand a little better as to what is going on...

My YouTube Earnings Have Gone!

My YouTube Earnings Have Gone!

This is not a glitch or an error, it is a time lapse thing between two systems. YouTube has its own payment ecosystem and Adsense has its own as well. so here is the timeline as it happens each month. I have started in January to help you understand it, but every month is the same time frame...

January 1st - 31st - let us just pretend this is your first month's earnings. You have worked hard making all those videos and are now looking forward to your first Adsense payment (by whatever method you have requested). But here is the problem, you check out the Adsense site or app on the 1st of February and you notice there is no money in the "Balance" section which means no pending payment! So where has it gone? In has gone nowhere.

But Wait, My Blog Earnings Did Show Up!

So why on earth does your blog earnings show up there on the 1st of the next month and your YouTube earnings seem to have vanished? That is because of what I said at the start of this section. YouTube has its own payment system and YouTube has another which means the real time frame of your work and YouTube earnings/payment will look like this...

January 1st - 31st - Making Blog and YouTube Videos - Gain Ad revenue on both things.

February  1st - YouTubes payment system starts the next month and resets your earnings to zero and gets ready to transfer your total earnings to Adsense (but this takes 13-15 days) but if you have a blog or site running ads those are run by Adsense! So that means the payment shows up in the "Balance" section immediately because it is part of Adsense ecosystem not YouTubes (a different site/company)

February 15th - By this date both YouTube earnings and Adsense blog earnings should be showing up in the "Balance" section because on this date all pending payments will be visible.

February 23rd - 28th - This is the rough date target you will be getting your very first Adsense payment by cheque or transferred to your chosen bank account. But as with most jobs you do need to work a month in advanced before payment is made, but then you will get paid every month after that (provided your Adsense and YouTube account are in good standing).

I hope this helps people understand where that missing YouTube payment has gone to. There really isn't anything to worry about unless your "Balance" still shows zero on the 25th of the month because at that date it means you really are not going to get any money. As with all things Adsense patience is a virtue.