Should I Be Adding AdSense Ads on My New Blog?

Should I Be Adding AdSense Ads on My New Blog?
Should I Be Adding AdSense Ads on My New Blog?

This is more commonly asked as "What is The Best Time to Ad Adsense?" and the answer is down to personal preference. For this post, I will give you the pros and cons of adding Adsense to a new blog and the pros and cons of adding Adsense to an older blog...

Adding AdSense To a Brand New Blog

The Pros: Most people who already have a preapproved Adsense account will indeed ad their Adsense code to a new blog from day one. Personally, I do use this method as adding it at the beginning means people get used to the ads and you can play around with the ads location and its integration with your site's theme. Even with new sites, it makes the theme look established and way older than it really is and that is something I personally like.

The Cons: These days every new site you add to your Adsense account needs approval and that means you will have to add a lot more content to the launch of your new site before you will get approval, also if you are building up a site you might get less early subscribers if you are showing ads from day one. Most people really don't mind ads, but others hate them with a passion.

Adding AdSense To an Older Blog (1yr+)

The Pros: The good news is you should have built up quite a good audience by now and adding that money making Adsense code can bring in some good income. Also, people will understand a lot more why you added it. Once a blog starts to get established and settled on a theme it is far easier to integrate the ads into locations where you know the viewers are looking. It is like having most the answers before you start and even those who hate ads will stay subscribed if your content is worth something to them. Most people will indeed use this method of only adding Adsense to a blog once it is older, but I am not one of those people.

The Cons: Unless you have pre-planned where the ads are going to go the chances are good that the ads will mess up your site's theme that your audience has got used to over the lifetime they were subscribed. It's not just the change in style that might anger people, those who hate ads and signed up for your blog/site because you didn't have any ads will instantly unsubscribe. While this number will be a small amount you should still be prepared for it to happen.

As you can see, there are good points and bad points to adding it sooner or later. The truth is it is mostly down to your own personal choice. While I do prefer to add Adsense to new blogs I can also understand why people might do it later on in the sites lifeline.


  1. I have established my blog in October, 2019, and now it growing age is about 4 plus months, i have also made 51000 plus viewers, but still facing adsense approval, as i have 2800 plus content post on it, what is reason behind to not accepted for approval at adsense please guide me


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