How Old Do You Have To Be Before Opening An Adsense Account?

How Old Do You Have To Be Before Opening An Adsense Account?
How Old Do You Have To Be Before Opening An Adsense Account?

With more and more child bloggers and young YouTubers making the limelight, there are probably other kids out there wondering how old they have to be before they can start earning money on YouTube. While Adsense does say you need to be over 18 years old before opening up an Adsense it isn't the whole truth...

Are There Age Restrictions to Using Adsense?

To be able to open up an Adsense account you don't have to be any age because when you first open one you won't need to provide proof of who you are (or more importantly what age you are). It is only when it comes to getting paid that age restrictions start to come into play. Sadly if you want to get paid your hard earned Adsense revenue you will need a responsible adult to accept the Adsense payment (basically anyone over the age of 18), but the actual account can be owned and ran by anyone of any age.

Getting Paid Adsense When Under 18 yrs Old.

So the good news is you just need to find an adult with a full bank account that is willing to accept the Adsense payment and then of course transfer some or all of the money to the person who is younger (or indeed earning the money in the first place). These days more and more YouTubers are under the legal age of running an Adsense account, but that doesn't stop some of them from earning millions. This is probably what makes sites like YouTube so popular. You can make it at any age and just need a little bit of adult help to be able to get paid. The good news for parents everywhere is the payment method is the only help they will need. Once done they can do everything else on their own, including linking YouTube channels or adding the Adsense code to their blogs/sites.

I hope this information has helped someone and as always if you have any other Adsense related questions do let me know in the comments below.