What the New Adsense Automatic Experiments Means to You!

What the New Adsense Automatic Experiments Means to You!
What the New Adsense Automatic Experiments Means to You!

You might have noticed a small change in the "auto ads" section of Adsense and that is the inclusion of "Automatic Experiments" what does that mean to you the content creator and should you use it? I hope to answer all those questions and a few more in this very post...

What Does Adsense Automatic Experiments Mean?

OK, so there are people out there that delve into their Adsense accounts quite often to do something that most people call A/B testing. This testing is the best way to find out the best place to put the ad blocks and the best sort of ad to show in that location. This new automatic setting is going to do all that hard work for you and you can even go so far as to choose "Optimise Account" and it will do all the testing and things for you on autopilot. So now for the big question...

Should you Turn on Adsense Automatic Experiments?

While I have turned this on with my own blogs and sites I will have to wait and see if it is as good as human experiments. At the end of the day, Ad testing platforms like Ezoic have made a fortune doing exactly this and to be honest it might mean their ability to grow Adsense accounts an average of 250% are in for a steep decline (depending on how many people use this automatic service). For my 2 cents, I think if you had no intention of doing any sort of A/B ad testing you should turn it on. But if you are prone to doing your own testing and have got quite successful with it you should try it out for a while and see what its own results are. This isn't a setting that is on by default, but it is showing up in peoples "opportunities" section.

What Harm Can Turing Adsense Automatic Experiments on do?

Like with all A/B ad testing there are winning combinations of ad types and locations as well as losing combinations. This might mean you earn less Adsense than what you would for a few months, but then gain it back the next few months. There could also be a problem with the shape of the ad battling with your own site's theme. This is something that is well worth keeping an eye out for. But other than these few niggles there really isn't any excuse not to turn it on! But those of us who are into Ad testing should keep a VERY close eye on it. Of course, I will get back to you on this new experiment option once I have tested it fully myself.