Is It Really Possible to Make Adsense Money on Autopilot?

Is It Really Possible to Make Adsense Money on Autopilot?
Is It Really Possible to Make Adsense Money on Autopilot?

It is something I have seen offered all over the web and today I hope to tell you if it really is true or not. The thing is, this "offer" is very tempting indeed. Making money online and not doing any work? It sounds too good to be true and like most online marketing tutorials it sadly is. But yet...I have been wondering how "easy" it would be to make money with Adsense on 100% autopilot and the answer is not what I thought it would be...

Can You Really Earn Adsense on Autopilot?

Let us shoot this down right now. There is no way you can earn Adsense on 100% autopilot but like most online marketing tutorials it is little more than a play on words. In some sense, most people earn their Adsense money on autopilot because most people won't do any A/B testing and most won't interfere with their ads at all. They just keep making videos and posts and earning the Adsense from them. If this is what you consider "autopilot" you will be happy to know it is more than possible.

What is The Smallest Amount Of Work You Can Do to Earn Adsense?

I suppose most of us only do the bare minimum. Most people will make content and hope they earn as much Adsense as they can. No ad testing, no keyword work, nothing. The problem is, you need to make good quality content to earn Adsense and at the moment there is no program that I know that makes good quality content and posts it for you and does all the SEO work for you, including finding pictures and other forms of media.

Even something as advanced as an AI blogger needed to be programmed from the start, so not even that could be considered autopilot. So take my advice and stop signing up for this type of webinar, stop buying those article spinners and take the time to make the best content you can. That way you really can earn Adsense while you sleep. The only niggle is you will have to make good content while you are awake.