Are YouTube MCN's a Good Or Bad Thing?

Are YouTube MCN's a Good Or Bad Thing?
Are YouTube MCN's a Good Or Bad Thing?

Once you get over a few thousand subscribers you will start to get bombarded by YouTube 'MCNs' (Multi-Channel Networks). In exchange for a small percentage of Adsense revenue, they will help promote your channel around their 'Network' of other channels, some of which will have 1 Million Subscribers plus. So are they a good or a bad thing? I suppose it all depends on who you ask. Some people will praise them and tell you they are well worth joining, but others will tell you they are a complete waste of time. I will tell you some of the pros and cons of these MCN's and let you decide...

The Pros of Joining a Multi-Channel Network (MCN)

When you are just starting out it can be hard to keep promoting your channel in new and exciting ways, for some joining an MCN means a new start, a boost to their channel and for some that also means a big boost in revenue. Taking full advantage of the Network you can have help and advice from some bigger channels and YouTube starts and some will even join you on streams or videos to help boost your subscribers even more. Collaborations are a good way to grow a channel so having a list of other people ready to do this with you is a real bonus. There is also the administration bonuses many MCN's offer from accounting services to dedicated legal advice teams, they can often get things sorted out faster and quicker than you could ever do on your own.

The Cons of Joining a Multi-Channel Network (MCN)

Ok, here are some things you might not know. Sadly MCN's have made YouTube drama headlines recently with some big MCN's shutting down and leaving people with no money for months on end and not being able to sever the connection to the MCN and join Adsense again. This is a real problem for a lot of people who leave the warm bosom of an MCN, they will often end up being thrown to the lions or so to speak. The honest truth is only the bigger channels will ever gain with an MCN because they are the only ones people will want to collab with. Most smaller YouTube channels with less than 100,000 subscribers will see almost no gain from it and will notice a drop in Adsense revenue. At the end of the day your ads won't change, they will just be Adsense, but getting paid to the MCN and not yourself directly. This severed connection to Adsense is one of the biggest problems with an MCN. Sometimes you will also find you are locked in a long-term contract and that means you are stuck within the MCN for a very long time.

At the end of the day, there are good and bad MCN's and pros and cons for each of them, but my best advice for you is to stay clear of them unless you find yourself stuck at a certain number of subscribers. If you are hovering around the 100K mark and you are happy to collaborate with other YouTubers on videos they might be for you. Unless you are going to make FULL use of them, there really isn't any point in joining one.

But that is just one man's opinion. If you have a different one or any Adsense related question do let me know in the comments below.