The Cleaner a Site Looks, The More Adsense it will Earn!

The Cleaner a Site Looks, The More Adsense it will Earn!
The Cleaner a Site Looks, The More Adsense it will Earn!

Before we look into why people earn more with cleaner sites we need to clarify what it means to have a "cleaner" looking website or blog. When I say clean I am not talking about sparse, I am just saying it is best to make the site as distraction-free as you can. Heck, even the position of the ads themselves can make a site look messy! Here are just a few ways to clean your own site up and make it load fast, look fresher and give much more focus on those all-important ads...

How Do I "Clean" my Website?

What you need to do first and foremost is look at your own site on various forms of media. What stands out to you? Is it that lovely looking top banner you made, or all the great categories and posts you have published with a nice menu to navigate it all? Now ask yourself how many ads you see before you have even scrolled down the page? Is it one? Maybe two? Now you need to question how long it took you to find all the banners and ads on the page? If the answer is more than a single second you need to clean your site up.

Cleaning a site up doesn't mean whitewashing it. It just means you put the focus on the more important things. Do you really need social media icons on each post? Do your site visitors really use all that breadcrumb and metadata shown above or below each post? What about the date, author or even the number of comments a post has! These things are all messy distractions and cleaning them up or removing them all together means your site looks a lot cleaner.

What about that menu bar? On most mobile websites it shrinks down to the 3 lines to make it easier for people to read the content, but does it do this for the desktop theme? And what about that sidebar? Do you really need to have one? It is removing things like this that will really help improve your sites speed, which means better site rankings which also means more visitors which of course means more of that all-important Adsense revenue. If you have something on the main home page or each post page that really doesn't need to be there it really is best to get rid of it. Sidebars are a particular thing from the past that doesn't work well with a mobile theme. In fact, it looks pretty terrible because it will often stack underneath the webpage making the page twice as long for no reason at all.

Making your website look nice is always important, but keeping it looking clean, tidy and fast loading is much more important. I hope these small nuggets of advice have helped you and if you have any other Adsense related questions do let me know in the comments below.