Is Making Money From Adsense Just a Numbers Game?

Is Making Money From Adsense Just a Numbers Game?
Is Making Money From Adsense Just a Numbers Game?

This is something people say when they are talking site-speak. But what it essentially means when something is a "Numbers Game" is the number of page views or the sheer number of visitors.  If that is the terminology we are using the answer is No, Adsense isn't just a numbers game. But most people who use Adsense will probably disagree with that statement...

Adsense Isn't Just a Numbers Game

I say this because there is so much more to making money from Adsense than the sheer amount of page views you get. Sure, its a pretty big part of it but the intent they have when visiting your site is worth a lot more than just number, a well-targeted keyword on a pre-decided marketing term can be worth silly amounts per click. If you do your SEO and keyword targeting well you shouldn't have to worry too much about getting those big numbers, because you should be getting those big money clicks. Sure, the more people. the more clicks, but even on small page views of less than 1000 per day can earn you a pretty good wage if you target it well.

No Most Adsense Is Just a Numbers Game

The truth is 99.99% of all Adsense users are not worried about keywords and those high-paying clicks, to most people it is about more eyes on their videos and more people visiting their sites/blogs based on as many keywords as possible. Sadly most of us need those high numbers of page views and video views to earn even the smallest of wages.

In these normal circumstances I suppose Adsense really is little more than a numbers game, but as I hope I have shown, it doesn't have to be like that.