Make Even More Adsense Money With Social Media!

Make Even More Adsense Money With Social Media!
Make Even More Adsense Money With Social Media!

While you can't earn money showing ads on social media sites (apart from YouTube) you can earn Adsense by promoting on social media sites. In fact, some of the most valuable traffic you bring to your site is via social media! By using social media platforms to drive traffic to your site you can always earn a lot more than sticking to SEO alone. For this post, I will tell you the best tips for 3 of the most used social media sites, excluding YouTube...


The secret to earning Adsense from this social media platform and indeed any social media platform is making people click through to your website. It's no good auto-posting, you need to make each post look as if you have posted it by hand (which is the best way). Have a nice picture, clear hashtags and make sure you tag any relevant groups or people into it. For business, pages make sure you boost the post as much as you can afford. Sadly it is the only way to make sure everyone who "liked" the page will see it. They always say you have to spend a little to earn a lot and never has that been truer than with Facebook.


When it comes to Twitter there are two things you need to keep on point with. The first is follows. Make sure you follow new people and follow them back when they follow you. That way whenever you post the maximum amount of people will see it. But seeing the post is the next part as Twitter has a fast flow of posts and making sure just one of your posts gets seen is almost impossible. You need to post at least 5-10 a day just to make sure you get a nice amount of engagement with the post and more importantly clicks through to the website.


It might be the newest social media channel on this list, but the numbers of users are still massive. This platform is all about the quality of the picture you use, its shape and the hashtags you attach to it. Making sure your post is square or close to it is essential to making sure it looks nice. Every picture you use needs to be in landscape mode, not portrait mode. That means the width of the image is more than its height. That way the image will always look the best it can. Then you just need to use sites like to find the best hashtags to use. The next thing to do is to make sure the only link you are allowed in the bio is clickable and working OK. Only have this link going to the main page of your website, nothing too deep inside of it. That way you can earn the most revenue from them as they explore your site. Give them a reason to click on it, tell them what extra things you have on there for them to enjoy.

OK, so these might sound like basic social media tips for these sites, but they really are the best ways to get those site clicks and earn you more money. Never see social media as a singled out platform to earn money on (unless it is YouTube) see these social media sites as windows to your content. If that content is good enough they will want to come in (by clicking on your link) and browse around, thus earning you even more Adsense revenue.