5 Ways to Make Money on Youtube Besides Adsense

5 Ways to Make Money on Youtube Besides Adsense
5 Ways to Make Money on Youtube Besides Adsense

While Adsense is the main way most people make money via YouTube it doesn't have to be the only way. Here are 5 ways you can make money via YouTube that don't involve Adsense but yet can still earn you a pretty decent earning...


To give it its full name of Merchandise it is clothing and many other things designed by you. The good news is these days it doesn't have to be hard and you can even make it via Youtube itself with the new Merch tab on the monetization page. The hard part here is building up an audience that will want to buy it. They will need to be dedicated and quite high in numbers to earn a good wage from it. But you can earn a VAST amount of money this way.


While you can earn incredible amounts of money from sponsored videos you will sadly need a petty large audience in order to earn one. Unless you have 10,000 views at least per video and 100,000 subs you can forget this method as the big sponsors won't touch you. But even the smallest of channels can get out there and try and get their own sponsorship from local firms and smaller online sites.

Amazon Affiliates

If you run a product review channel this can be a major source of income in a very short space of time. All you need to do is review products and services found on Amazon and link to them in the description box of your video. It's really easy to do, it doesn't affect your Adsense in any way and you can even contact Amazon sellers and get them to send you things for free in exchange for a review. This is perfect for a channel of any size and while there are highs and lows in the earning stakes those highs can be incredible and I myself have received $100+ in a single click.


It's not just YouTubes own membership system you can use, it is also membership platforms like (the much hated these days) Patreon. Much like the merch in the first section, you will need a very large and dedicated audience to pull this off. Some people do earn most of their income from this method including big YouTube stars like Philip DeFranco who use it to great advantage.

Affiliate Marketing

While Amazon Affiliate is essentially the same thing I have placed this on its own due to the vast number of ways you can earn money online use this method. Using sites like Click-Bank you can earn crazy amounts with the smallest of followings. If your goal of doing videos on YouTube is to earn you money this is the method you should be using. Just find a good offer than your audience might like, make videos on it and make sure the affiliate link is in the description box below, publish it, then promote the hell out of it! Most people who make money this way don't even show their face on camera, they simply use text and music and put the rest down to keyword research and SEO.

While I have named five ways to make money on YouTube besides Adsense there are many others. Have you used one of these methods to make money yourself on YouTube or know of some other way to do it? If so I would love to hear from you in the comments below.