What Are My Options Once Adsense Disapprove my Adsense?

What Are My Options Once Adsense Disapprove my Adsense?
What Are My Options Once Adsense Disapprove my Adsense?

While there will be people thinking there is nothing to do, there are a few things you can consider that might well be worth a go. From affiliate marketing to asking for donations, just because you have been disapproved for Adsense doesn't mean you can't make money online. Here are 3 ways to make money online that don't require an Adsense account (and they work for both blogs and YouTube channels!)... 

Affiliate Marketing

There are so many ways to get into this these days that I could be here all day naming them. The most popular are sites like Click Bank and Amazon Associates, but do look around and find the best type of links and offers that match the type of people visiting your site and the content you have produced. This way you often get access to banners and ad blocks that are pre-made for you meaning they look just like Adsense, only you earn a lot more per click. In fact, most online marketers will tell you it is best to change to this method once you have established an audience.


I wouldn't shut this idea down straight away as it can be a great way to earn money provided you are producing the right sort of content. If people rely on your content, watch your videos the moment you publish them and you have a large, dedicated fan base you can do well from this money making method. After all, people like Philip DeFranco have made a living from this method! But having a strong, dedicated following is essential.


If you think only the biggest channels can earn sponsors you should know that this was a common form of marketing and earning money online well before Adsense come along. In fact, it is still a method some localised blogs use today. If you have a very targeted niche or localised audience you can promote this targeting to firms both local and national and some might even offer you a payment per click rather than a longterm purchase. It really isn't as crazy as it sounds, but it does require a lot of extra work.

Well there you go, I have named 3 ways to earn money without Adsense, but I do know there are many other ways. If you know of one or have any other Adsense related question do let me know in the comments below.