How Can I Protect Myself From Adsense Bans and Violations?

How Can I Protect Myself From Adsense Bans and Violations?
How Can I Protect Myself From Adsense Bans and Violations?

There are numerous ways that you can receive an Adsense ban, but most people think there is nothing, or at most very little you can do to prevent it. But that is simply not true, there are things you can do that will protect you from an Adsense ban and there are also things you can do that will put your mind at ease even if you do indeed get banned! For this post, I will name some of the most popular and of course, practical ways to protect you and your site from an Adsense ban...

Stick To The Rules!

This is probably the most obvious, but yet it is still the reason that most people will get banned from Adsense. Maybe they will ask people to click on their ads, maybe they will try and game the system or maybe you could put it all down to not understanding the terms of the Adsense agreement. Whatever the reason there is no excuse. Get to know the rules, keep an eye out on Adsense blogs and the official Adsense Twitter feed to keep up to date on changes that might apply to you. The rules really aren't that complicated to be honest. Make your own content, ignore the ads, make sure you don't talk about things that might upset someone!

Adsense Alternatives

One way to give yourself a "back-up" of sorts is to sign up for one or more Adsense alternatives. Something like Ezoic or are the perfect back-up plan. Even if you don't use the service you can still sign up and have it as a sort of backdoor that you can apply to your blog or site within minutes of Adsense banning you. While some (not all) will require you to have Adsense approval BEFORE you join them, it doesn't mean you can't apply their code to your site even AFTER Adsense has banned you. Consider it a Get Out of Jail Free card.


The truth is you can earn a LOT more revenue than using Adsense alone if you try and diversify your income as much as you can. Join affiliate networks, add donation pages, whatever you can do to mix up the way you are earning a living from your site or blog. Heck, you can even try selling your own services as a blogger, writer or social media manager.

The key thing to remember is that Adsense can be stopped and taken away at a moments notice (sometimes for no reason at all), so make sure you use one or ALL of these methods to give yourself some security. That way, if the worse does happen you won't be sailing up a creek without a paddle.