Want to Make Money with Adsense? Put Some Effort Into it!

Want to Make Money with Adsense? Put Some Effort Into it!
Want to Make Money with Adsense? Put Some Effort Into it!

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of people not getting Adsense approval for their sites because of one thing...a lack of effort. This article isn't about shaming people who think making money from Adsense will be easy, it won't be me tell you its hard to earn money from Adsense because once again it really isn't. This article is a small check sheet of thing you need to do to make sure your site will indeed get Adsense approval even in a saturated niche...

Make Your Own Articles

Even if you are indeed in a saturated niche you can still make good quality content that Adsense redeems as adding value to the audience. Write reviews in a new way, go in-depth on products or even get personal about them and express your own feelings. Don't try and spin, copy or "enhance" someone else's content. Make your own!

Take/Make Your Own Pictures

It doesn't matter what category you blog in, there is always some way to make your own pictures. From editing one that is in the public domain or simply taking your own. There is always some way to make your picture content unique, you just have to use a little imagination.

Don't Keyword Stuff

This is a method SEO firms used to use back in the 1980's, but that is not something that works anymore. At the end of the day, if you are making content you don't understand, or something you are not that knowledgable about, you are probably in the wrong job. Keywords should flow naturally through an article, not crammed in like sardines.

Please note: This is not supposed to be a guide to getting Adsense approval, its suppose to be starting position. If you think you can do any of these 3 things correctly you should be able to get Adsense approval and start making money online. If you are not sure about your site why not send me the URL in the comments below and I will take a look at it for you.


  1. Hi can you please have a look at this site and tell me if I should register it for Adsense https://10count.co.za

    1. While it does need a lot more content before you apply for Adsense it seems OK to me. You have all the reverent pages you need, its just the sheer amount of content you need to improve.


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