The REAL Secret to Making Money on YouTube

The REAL Secret to Making Money on YouTube
The REAL Secret to Making Money on YouTube

There are probably millions of videos telling people how easy it is to make money on YouTube, with titles like "I made $50,000 in one month!, I'll Show You How!" or maybe "The super secret YouTube trick that can earn you millions!" most of them have those spammy titles and thumbnails that grab your attention and make you want to click on them. But sadly most of them are little more than a con and many of them ignore the fundamental thing that all big YouTubers making the real big money know all too well...

So What is The Secret To Making Money on YouTube? 

Many of these "Make Money on YouTube FAST!!!" video make things sound so easy. Just copy other peoples videos, re-mix them and then re-upload them and post them as your own. Or maybe it is the classic keyword spamming ones that use keywords and their own YouTube account to show you how easy it is to grow that much-needed Adsense revenue.

And here is Why You Should Watch These Kinds of Videos...

OK, so here is the good news. Most of these tuition videos showing ways to make money fast on YouTube do work in principle and some are great for increasing subscriptions to your channel, but what they all fail to mention is that it will take a truck load of time, effort and work just to get off the ground and even then you might be earning pennies for years and this is what most YouTubers will tell you is the truth. They didn't get as big as they currently are and earn as much as they do now because they know something you don't. They all just made the best content they could and hoped for the best! The REAL secret to making money on YouTube isn't some scam, it is all about having boatloads of passion for what you are doing! If you are not enjoying it you won't be consistent, if you don't know much about what you are talking about you won't be showing any passion for it. You need to love, enjoy and above all else 'want' to do what you are doing on YouTube. Never start a channel to make money, start a channel because your friends find you funny, you are passionate about the thing you are talking about and you just want to make other people smile, or learn from your knowledge or past mistakes.

FACT: If you start a YouTube channel to earn money you won't earn money! It's as simple as that. Youtube isn't some investment opportunity, it isn't a job, it is just a way to show off your skills as a gamer or showcase your personality vlogging or maybe just your nerdy side by doing some tech unboxings. Love what you do or do something else until you find the thing you do love. It's a life lesson for sure and not just something you should apply to YouTube.


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