How Many Subscribers Do I need to Earn a Living from Youtube?

How Many Subscribers Do I need to Earn a Living from Youtube?
How Many Subscribers Do I need to Earn a Living from Youtube?

Most people who understand how Adsense works will know this question is unanswerable,  but that doesn't stop people from asking it. So today I hope to explain why this question is pointless and try and give you a number to aim for as well...

Why is This a Pointless Question?

Anyone who runs a YouTube channel will be able to answer this. Sadly the number of subscribers you have bears no resemblance to what you will earn from Adsense. It just gives you a number of people who subscribed to you, but YouTube doesn't even show everyone who subscribes your posted videos, so the number sadly doesn't mean a lot at all. If you need to see this number in action you only need to look at the biggest YouTube channel PewDiePie which is currently standing at just under 90 million subscribers. But yet, if you look back on his videos each one only gets between 8 - 5 million views. Now don't get me wrong, this will earn PewDiePie some crazy money, probably millions every month. But if you look at the percentage it is only about 6%. So, we now have a round number to work on...

How Many Subscribers Do I need to Earn a Living?

Based on the engagement numbers that PewDiePie gets which is 6%, we need to aim for an average UK wage which is £27,271 ($34,764) - Which works out at £2,273 ($3,027) per month. Based on an average of £1 ($1) per thousand views you will need about 30,000 views per month (rounded off for ease). so if that number is a pretty impressive engagement of 6% the total subscribers you need is 180,000.

OK, so things are not that simple as some channels get much higher engagement rates meaning you will need fewer subscribers to earn the same amount. In fact, some channels get higher earnings than their subscriber numbers suggest. It is all a matter of how good your content is and how else you make your money. But at least I have given you a number to aim for. Sure, that number is high, but once upon a time everyone started with less than 1000 subscribers, even PewDiePie.