What Is The Fastest Way To Earn Adsense Revenue?

What Is The Fastest Way To Earn Adsense Revenue?
What Is The Fastest Way To Earn Adsense Revenue?

For some people, time really is of the essence and sadly I have bad news. There is no silver bullet, no secret way to earn thousands from Adsense overnight. Not even one viral video these days on YouTube means you will end up with loads of Adsense earnings because it takes so long to sign up and start earning from it. OK, so we are not talking overnight riches here, but we are talking the quickest way to make money with Adsense...

How Long Will it Take Me To Earn my first $100?

Let's start with a much more realistic amount of Adsense earnings via YouTube. To get just $100 you will need about 100,000 views based on the rather low CPM of just $1. So for $100 you will need 100,000 video views. While that might seem like a lot if you only get 100 views per video that you post you only need to post 1,000 videos! If you get 1,000 views per video you only need to post 100 of them! If you are on form and posting good content 3-5,000 views per video is more than possible and that could be as little as 20 videos needed to earn the same amount of money.

This math also works for blogs with pageviews replacing video views, but this isn't the whole story as CPM amounts go up and down all the time and some of the highest are $8-$12 and that means the number of videos or blog posts needed to earn the same $100 drops significantly. Asking how long it will take you to earn $100 is like asking how long a piece of string is, there really is no real way of knowing as there are far too many unknown elements.

So What is The Fastest Way To Earn $100 in Adsense?

If I had to earn $100 in the fastest way possible I would stick to blogging for sure. You can set up the ads better and earn traffic in more ways. With YouTubes limits needing fulfillment before even applying you can start earning money with a blog much sooner. Sure, you still need to apply to join and get the URL of the blog accepted, but it this will happen quicker for blogs. With the right content, based on the best paying keywords you could earn that $100 within a few months easily. But blogging ain't easy unless you are knowledgable about the content you are posting. There are far better ways to earn money quicker than with Adsense as it is more a long term earner. With the right affiliate marketing campaign for an example, you could easily earn that same $100 within just a few hours.

Adsense revenue is not a way to make money, it's not a way to replace your job, it is a small reward for making great content and little more. If you want to make money fast I would forget about doing so with Adsense. As always, if you have any questions regarding this or anything else Adsense related do let me know in the comments below.