Here is Why a Google Adsense High Paying Keywords List is Pointless!

Here is Why a Google Adsense High Paying Keywords List is Pointless!
Here is Why a Google Adsense High Paying Keywords List is Pointless!

There is quite a few of these "lists" going around online with most of them based on the searches people have done themselves hence the variation between lists. Sadly it doesn't matter what list you look at as they are all pointless and here is why...

The List Has Been Made

No-one has made a list of high paying keywords for you and you alone to look at. It was at one time or another made to be used and that means most the keywords on the list will be hard to target because chances are good they would have been targeted by the person who made the list in the first place and everyone else who has looked at it since.

Its a List of Keywords, Not Post Subjects

To make good content you need to have a pretty good understanding of the top-tier keywords and all the other keywords relating to it. Gone are the days you can target a single keyword and gain lots of traffic, you need to target lots of them all relating to the top-tier keyword you have chosen to target. If you think you will target one keyword and get clicks in the $100's you are in for a shock.

Good Content is NOT Keyword Driven Content

There is a vast difference between a site that understands the subject matter it is talking about and a site that has been made to target that particular keyword. If you don't fully understand the thing you are making content about you should change to something you understand and love a lot better. Good content is always by someone who knows what they are talking about. If you do fully understand the topic some of these top-tier keywords are about then good for you, but never start a site or promotion based on keywords alone as it will always end in disaster.

It is all a question of what makes good quality content good. To myself, it means content that is made from the heart or mind, not content borrowed from someone else's website or put together based on things found elsewhere on the web. It's original content no matter how in-depth or long the post is, what matters is the person writing it knows what they are saying.