The Top 5 Most Important Parts of SEO to Get Right For More Adsense

The Top 5 Most Important Parts of SEO to Get Right For More Adsense
The Top 5 Most Important Parts of SEO to Get Right For More Adsense

Most people understand it is important to get your SEO elements right if you want to earn the big buck from Adsense. But what are the most important SEO things to get right? For this post, I will pick 5 of the best SEO things you can do to bring in the most Adsense revenue...


By getting your keywords right and picking the highest paying ones you can bring in a crazy amount of Adsense just by concentrating on this SEO element alone. Make sure those keywords in your Page title or YouTube Video title are correct and aimed to bring the most people to your content you really don't need to do that much else at all.


This is an element that does confuse a lot of people, but it really isn't that hard to do or understand once you realise what it means by backlinking. This doesn't mean spamming people comments and Facebook groups with your content URL. It means promoting to as many different sites as you can by adding something to each of them. Its no good commented on blogs with your URL unless you are there for a reason to ad value to the page you are commenting on. Backlinks also include social media links but don't just push the URL onto Twitter or Facebook, take your time to talk to people there and introduce more people to it.

Internal Links

This is not just something for bloggers and site owners to consider doing, it is also for YouTubers with related content. If you are playing a single game over a number of videos make sure you put them all into a playlist and always make sure there are links at the end screen of all your videos. For bloggers, things are a little easier as you simply need to link and related content you might have. You can even do this via an Adsense with "Matched Content" ads. Yes, those  Matched Content ad blocks really can help you earn money while adding an SEO element that can earn you even more money! Not using them? Why not?

Multi-Device Ready

While for bloggers this can be a big part of making sure your content is SEO friendly it is also something for YouTubers to consider. If you are just doing vlogging does it really have to be in landscape mode? How many people are really watching your content on a PC anyway? Wouldn't it be best to make those videos in portrait mode making it easier to be watched on a smartphone? Sadly for bloggers, it is not so easy and there really isn't any better way to test your pages and content than looking at them via a PC, Tablet and Smartphone. This is something you should do every few months or whenever your site updates something as it can cause the whole theme and look to go out of sorts. While being mobile friendly is important don't forget the PC users.

All The Little SEO Elements

And last but not least I will mention all the little SEO improvements you can do to bring in even more of that lovely Adsense moolah! Things like SEO descriptions on pages, filling those tags and YouTube description boxes and even making sure all the pictures you post have an alt title and a descriptive title. Once you get into the habit of doing these little SEO things you will soon do it naturally. Sure, they might not seem important things to do, but every little SEO boost you can give your content helps more than you will ever know.

Do you have any questions regarding the content in this post or anything else that is Adsense related? If you do please leave a comment below and I will happily answer it if I can.