Why Social Traffic is Better Than Search Engine Traffic

Why Social Traffic is Better Than Search Engine Traffic
Why Social Traffic is Better Than Search Engine Traffic

There are loads of posts out there that tell you this is so, but very few of them go into detail as of why it is! I mean, what on earth makes social traffic any better than search engine traffic in the first place? In this post I will be explaining why it is better, why you can earn a lot more Adsense revenue from social traffic and I will even go into how to get more social traffic in the first place...

Why is Social Traffic Better Than Search Engine Traffic?

Most people who delve into the world of Adsense will know it is not so much the amount of traffic your YouTube channel or Blog gets, it is the reason for them visiting it in the first place, the "Why" in the visit. If someone is visiting your channel or site looking for reviews on SEO services you will earn a lot more per click than those visiting it looking for "tips to do SEO at home". With more intent on purchasing a service or the possibility of buying something the more that traffic is worth per click. But this isn't really answering your question is it? Well...yes it is...

Social Traffic is The Big Unknown

When someone visits your site via a search engine Adsense already knows the main intent of the person visiting your content. But when it comes from Facebook or Twitter or indeed anything outside of the Google Eco System they have almost zero information on why you might be visiting that site. That is where things get interesting. You see because Adsense doesn't know the full intent of the person they will often place the higher paying clicks on that page hoping to entice people to click on them. The more traffic from social media you get, the less Adsense knowns about them and shows them the higher paying ads just in case. Do you understand now? That visiting intent is unknown! So...how do you get more of this "social" traffic?

Getting More Social Traffic

I have already published tips on using all the main social media platforms for Adsense gain. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Whatsapp and even the newest of them all Tik-Tok. By following along with those tips you should see a significant gain in your Adsense earnings. Of course, search engine traffic shouldn't be ignored as it can bring in bigger numbers of visitors to your content. But there is a new way people search these days and it is called "Social searching" and it is worth a lot to use Adsense publishers.

If you have any questions relating to this or anything else Adsense related do let me know in the comments below.