What Are Text & Display Ads And How Do They Earn Adsense

What Are Text & Display Ads And How Do They Earn Adsense
What Are Text & Display Ads And How Do They Earn Adsense

For this series of posts, I will be taking a look into the different types of ads and giving you all the information you need to earn the most Adsense revenue from them. Today I will be taking a deep look into "Text & Display Ads" and telling you exactly what they are and the best location for them on your blog that will earn you the most Adsense revenue...

What Are Text & Display Ads

These are essential all sorts of different ad types. From text ad blocks to responsive banner ads, they are the normal type of ad that most people will see and most probably the highest earning ones on most websites and blogs. They come in the form of text blocks or clickable pictures or banners as they are more commonly known. Here is what Adsense themselves say they are...

"Display ads are graphical ads that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, for example, leaderboard (728x90), banner (468x60) and skyscraper (120x600). Text ads typically include a title that is also a clickable link to a page, one or two lines of text and a site address. Text & display ads will only appear in your ad units at optimal times, when AdSense thinks they'll perform well."

What is The Best Location For Text & Display Ads

I have already gone into reasons why you should use text ads, so I will not go into that here. Besides, this post is about Text & Display Ads in the same ad block. One of the best locations is always the header. Without doubt, this will be the most clicked on ad you will show on your site and therefore the most important. Also worthy of adding is a text and display ad under the menu as it will often look good on mobile devices. Text ads in the sidebar in a skyscraper shape are also well worth a go as you can get a whole load of text ads in one sized ad block. To be honest, if you are just going to use Adsense auto ads this is the only type of ad you will get and noting the location auto ads put them in is key to earning more once you get the hang of manually placing these Text & Display Ads.

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