Will Monetization be Blocked if I Swear in My Youtube Videos?

Will Monetization be Blocked if I Swear in My Youtube Videos?
Will Monetization be Blocked if I Swear in My Youtube Videos?

With more and more videos getting demonized for various things is it now time to stop swearing in your Youtube videos in order to keep it monetized? The answer to this might surprise you as I find out what you can or can't say and how long this has been the case...

Can I Swear in my YouTube Videos?

Of course, you can indeed swear, but it has always been the case that you must mark that video as suitable for adult only. Does that mean you'll get little or no ads on that video? Yes! But this is not a new policy at all. In fact, right from the word go Adsense has always done their best to do what is right for the marketing departments rather than keeping peoples right to free speech open, because at the end of the day that is what pays the bills in the Adsense office and allows you to enjoy YouTube and your favourite content creators at the same time.

So What Can I Say? 

The general rule of thumb here is to only use words you hear on TV before 9pm at night. This way you know it is OK to say it. Words like "hell" or "bum" are OK, but anything that might be seen as a cussing word isn't. The ONLY reasons more and more people are getting their videos demonetised is because Google is constantly making its video searching algorithm better and better.

But Other People Swear in Their Videos Why Can't I?

Just imagine how much content is on YouTube. You are talking millions of hours of content uploaded every month, let alone all the content that is already on the platform. It will take time for Google to run their video searching algorithm over all the videos already published and yes this means there will be a lot of videos with swearing in that will indeed be monetized, but not forever. It is only a matter of time before they get found out this might mean they will lose all monetization on their videos.

Sadly going forward you definitely need to be much more family-friendly and no, this doesn't mean you can't swear, it just means you will have to beep it out like the Logan Brothers do (yes, they do swear a lot in their videos).  Or, simply leave them in and end up with that yellow monetization sign. If most your videos end up getting hit with that anyway why change the habit of a lifetime!?