AdSense Program Policies Deep Dive - Content Policies

AdSense Program Policies Deep Dive - Content Policies
AdSense Program Policies Deep Dive - Content Policies

This is something a lot of people get banned with, but yet I also suspect it is something Google themselves would probably be a lot more lenient with. But sadly they are at the mercy of the advertisers and while a lot of people will blame Google it really isn't where the blame truly lays. Anyway, let's get deep into this policy and take a look at what it really means for us content creators...

What Are Adsense's Content Policies?

The policy itself says this: "Publishers may not place AdSense code on pages with content that violates any of our content policies. Some examples include content that is adult, shocking, or advocates racial intolerance. Please see our prohibited content article for more information." That might sound easy to understand, but it gets a little more complicated when we take a look into the "Prohibited content" part of that policy. While Adsense says the following are all prohibited content you need to truly understand what they are telling you. I will break down each category of their "Prohibited content"  and tell you what it really means...

Adult content
(This is a pretty easy one, anything porn related is what this is essentially is)

Adult themes in family content
(This one doesn't seem to make much sense, but it is essentially anything rude. Nudity, sex advice, dirty talk, anything that might cause offence to some people)

Dangerous or derogatory content 
(For those who don't know "derogatory" means "a critical or disrespectful attitude." - so this part of the policy means be nice and don't say nasty things about anyone or anything!)

Recreational drugs and drug-related content
(This one is pretty straight forward. No talking about illegal drugs, no stories about that time you took them, in fact, just don't mention them at all!)

Alcohol-related content
(This one is not as straight forward as you might think. It basically means no Adsense on an online store that sells alcohol nor can you promote or talk about underage drinking, even if that means a documentary style about the issue. But drinks sites are fine if you are just talking about it or showing recipes. You also need to be aware of targeting countries in which alcohol is illegal. Most countries with large Muslim populations have a ban on alcohol so try and block those people from visiting your site.)

Tobacco-related content
(This is, of course, talking about smoking, vaping and any form of drug smoking. This is especially true when it comes to promoting underage smoking as it could lead to an instant ban on your Adsense account).

Gambling and games-related content
(This is yet another policy that is not as straight forward as you might think. You can talk about gambling, slots, poker, all you want. But you can't run Adsense on a site that operated slot games or live casino games. But any tips, playing guides or articles are fine. And of course no promotion to underage gambling.)

Healthcare-related content
(Now we are into some truly grey territories. This is especially a policy to prevent people from selling just about anything health care related. No diet pills, no "alternative" medicines, nothing that might cause someone to become ill or be consumed without proper medical advice.)

Hacking and cracking content
(This policy covers roms and guides to hacking things. You can't talk about it, you can't show people who to do it, but you can promote better PC safety to help prevent people from getting hacked in the first place.)

Pages that offer compensation programs
(Sites like accident lawsuits, PPI reclaiming or missold pensions are all covered by this policy. You can't promote these things or talk about them in any way.)

Misrepresentative content
(While this sounds like a confusing one, it's pretty straight forward. No phishing sites, no clone sites, nothing that tries to get peoples details or money via the art of deception. In short, keep it real and be yourself.)

Shocking content
(This is something a lot of Youtubers fall prey to. It means no swearing, no gore, nothing that might cause anyone from 3 - 103 distress. Sadly this also means a lot of video games are simply not suitable for videos which is why you hear of so many people losing their Adsense accounts.)

Weapon-related content
(This one is pretty simple. No guns, knives, in fact, just about anything that could be used as a weapon. Not even talking about guns is allowed.)

Content that enables dishonest behaviour
(This policy means no showing people how to pickpocket, no showing people how to cheat in exams and now showing how to steal other peoples data, )

Illegal Content
(What this entails is anything that is banned or considered illegal in your country. You can't promote it or talk about it in any way. If it is a crime to do it, you can't talk about essentially.) 

Well, there you go! That is all the main Adsense content policies there is. As always if you have a question about this post or anything else Adsense related do let me know in the comments below.