AdSense Program Policies Deep Dive - Invalid clicks and impressions

AdSense Program policies Deep Dive - Invalid clicks and impressions
AdSense Program policies Deep Dive - Invalid clicks and impressions

Today we are taking a deep-dive look into the AdSense Program policies - Invalid clicks and impressions to help you understand what it means, how to avoid it and above all what it means to your site/channel or account if you break this policy...

What Does Invalid Clicks and Impressions Mean?

Most people will never have to worry about this Adsense policy, but there are still a lot of people who get their accounts banned for breaking it. In fact, go on the Adsense twitter feed and you will see hundreds of people every day asking what it means that their site is banned for Invalid Clicks and Impressions. The best way to answer this question is to break down the two main parts it covers.

What Are Invalid Clicks?

This is the easier of the two parts to understand because it is pretty straight forward. Basically, you are NOT allowed to click on your own ads, tell someone to click on them for you or run a bot or anything that might click on them for you. I have another post about "What Can I do Once I have Been Banned for Invalid Clicks?" that is well worth a read if this information is already too late for you.

What Are Invalid Impressions?

I'm going to tell you the truth here, in order for you to avoid it at all costs. There are indeed programs out there that will auto-generate Adsense ad-unit impressions. Things like an auto page loader, VPN's with auto-refresh options or even bots that can do it all automatically. Just signing up to one of these "programs" can be seen as a breach of Adsense policy, let alone using one. But anything that refreshes or auto views your channel or site is covered by this policy.

So what does it all mean? In short, don't click on your own ads and don't do anything that might be seen as "gaming" the system. As always if you have a question about this post or anything else Adsense related do let me know in the comments below.