How Can I Earn Money From a Tamil Websites or Blog?

How Can I Earn Money From a Tamil Websites or Blog?
How Can I Earn Money From a Tamil Websites or Blog?

First up, let us get something out of the way. Google (AKA Adsense) doesn't care what language you speak. They don't care where you live in the world and they definitely don't care about your religion (besides they do now support the Tamil language). What they do care about is earning money and the Tamil written language simply doesn't have enough advertisers wanting to place ads! Its NOTHING to do with Google or Adsense, its just a business thing. OK, now we have that argument out of the way lets get on with the post. So you have a blog or website written in the Tamil language but can't use Adsense. So what can you do? Well...the good news is there are way more options than you think...

How to Earn Money with a Tamil Websites or Blog

The good news is since 2018 Google does not support some blogs and sites written in the Tami language. While the entire site needs to be written in Tamil they still need to follow the rules around the type of content they can show. But there are many other options for those who can't use Adsense...

What Adsense Alternatives Can I Use on a Tamil Websites or Blog

The first thing to do is to realise there are many Adsense alternatives out there and Adsense is just one of a vast number of Advertising firms. But the truth is many of them don't support Tamil, but they doesn't mean you don't have loads of options because you do. There are millions of affiliate programs and campaigns out there you can use and some of them can earn you way more money than Adsense.

Even if your blog or site features highly localised content you can still earn money from it by asking local businesses if they would like to place their ads on your site (learn more about that here). Well, I have at least given you some options with this post. As always if you have any other questions relating to Adsense do leave them in the comments box below and will answer them there or make a whole post for you with your answer.