HELP! Can You Approve My Website For Adsense?

HELP! Can You Approve My Website For Adsense?
HELP! Can You Approve My Website For Adsense?

If I have been asked this once, I have been asked it a hundred times. These days it is getting harder and harder to get a blog or website approved for Adsense. But sadly the only person who can make it ready for Adsense is you! I will give you some tips about getting ready that are not only current, but they will almost guarantee you get approval...

Ask Yourself Can I Apply For Adsense?

If your site is a sub-domain, or if your site is in a country not approved to join Adsense, or maybe your blog is full of content Adsense don't see as advertiser-friendly. By asking yourself these simple questions you can save yourself the hassle and disappointment of not getting approved.

How Much Content Do I Really Have?

While there is no base-line amount of content needed you should be aiming for 20-30 posts (at least) and at least 2 main pages (preferably one is a contact page). The simple answer to knowing if you have enough content is to look at your site as objectively as possible. Does it look established, clean, as professional as you can make it? If it does then you will be much more likely to get Adsense approval.

Is There a Point in Signing Up To Adsense?

This is the last question you should be asking yourself if you can say you are ready to the others on this list. If you get less than 1000 pageviews a month there really isn't any point signing up to Adsense as the amount you will earn will literally be pennies.  In the early days of a site, it is difficult to earn a lot from Adsense so you would be much better off learning to do some affiliate marketing or signing up for Amazon Associates.

This might not have been the guide you are looking for but it is the truth. As always if you have any other questions relating to Adsense do leave them in the comments box below and will answer them there or make a whole post for you with your answer.


  1. Sir I my site is all your tip following but me site cannot approve please ask me some tips thanks...

    1. I can help you contact me

  2. Its simple. You don't have nearly enough content. You need at least 30-50 posts to get approved these days, so do make a lot more then apply again.


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