How Much Less Will My Youtube Videos Earn With a Yellow Monetisation icon?

How Much Less Will My Youtube Videos Earn With a Yellow Monetisation icon?
How Much Less Will My Youtube Videos Earn With a Yellow Monetisation icon?

It has gone on to become one of the most hated symbols of the current Youtube system and it is often very much misunderstood. But today I will talk about the differences in revenue you can expect to earn from it and also the things you can do to avoid it, as well as appeal it. If you find your videos often get tagged with this dreaded icon this post will be well worth a read...

How Much Revenue Will My Video Earn With a Yellow Monetisation icon?

While most people will tell you it is next to nothing, the truth is you can still earn up to 60% on the revenue of the video, based on the revenue it would earn if it was tagged with a green icon. While the average is as low as 40% it is nowhere near the "zero" most people say it is, but for the bigger YouTubers, it is still a massive drop in revenue for them. But smaller Youtubers really won't see that much of a drop.

What Can I do If a Video Gets Tagged With a Yellow Monetisation icon?

The pros will often upload their videos as unlisted before they make them public. They do this so they can learn what monetization icon it will be hit with before they make it public, then maybe edit the video a little to make it green, or just be happy that it wasn't demonized altogether. You can of course ask for the video to be manually reviewed, but by the time it is seen and possibly rebranded with a green monetisation icon it would be too late and most the views would have passed.

How Can I Make Sure a Video Doesn't Get Hit With a Yellow Monetisation icon?

While no method will be foolproof you can at least stick to some guidelines to give you the best chance of getting the green icon. By following ALL of these "Advertiser-friendly content guidelines" you can at least make sure your video is as "family friendly" as possible. As I mentioned earlier, the other method is to upload it and list it as "unlisted" then make edits until that icon turns green. Sure, this requires a lot more work, but that is what it is like to work on Youtube these days.

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