Taking a Look at the New 2019 Adsense Ad-Units

Taking a Look at the New 2019 Adsense Ad-Units
Taking a Look at the New 2019 Adsense Ad-Units
If you have logged into your Adsense account recently you might have noticed a few changes in fonts and colours. One of the main changes is the new Ad-units. For this post, I will take a look at all five of them and tell you their best location...

Display ads - A great all-rounder that’s designed to work well anywhere.

This is the classic ad-unit and the one most people will use. Featuring rich media ads it can be placed in a banner or mid content locations as well as just about anywhere you can fit one in. If you just want a few simple ads to get started this is the one to choose.

In-feed ads - Match the look of your site and fit in-between posts and listings.

This next one is something a lot of people don't use, but yet it is one of the best-earning ad units on this list (but not THE best). It will look just like a link to something in your own site and is best used in mid-content locations, especially to break up long blocks of text as they stand out a lot better between text lines.

In-article ads - Also match your site and work well with articles and content pages.

While many people think this is the top-earning ad-unit I have to disagree. Much like the In-feed ads it is best placed in between content, but due to the richness of the media found on these In-article ads you can also place them under of above images and you will find they still stand out.

Matched content - Content promotion unit that can increase revenue and engagement.

For me the is the best earning ad-unit you can use. Best placed in a sidebar or at the bottom of your content it is the perfect carry-onwards click and one that often gets more people clicking than all the other ad-units mentioned here.

Link ads - A list of topics that are relevant to the content of your page.

In a surprise that just about, no-one saw coming text-ads is back (probably due to the kick-off people had when it was removed) and its back in style. This is very much the same as Display ads, only text only ad-units and I have often found text ads are better than you would think, especially when used to break up multiple images within your content. Much like other ads break up blocks of text, Link ads can be used to break up colour rich media.

While I have made suggestions here about where each ad-unit might be used it is best to do your own A/B testing with all new ad-units. As always if you have any other questions relating to Adsense do leave them in the comments box below and will answer them there or make a whole post for you with your answer.