What Does Adsense Class as "Original Content"?

What Does Adsense Class as "Original Content"?
What Does Adsense Class as "Original Content"? 

If you have ever read an SEO post about post content quality or making money via Adsense you will have heard that your content needs to be "Original". But the term is often mistaken by many people who don't seem to understand what it really means. For this post, I will tell you EXACTLY what it means and how it relates to your own content...

What Does Adsense Mean By Original Content?

This question is a pretty simple one that most people would be able to answer. It means no copied content or content that is "re-mixed" or "spun". People will often use this sort of content to try and cheat the system and make blogs based on subjects they have no knowledge about, so they "spin" other peoples posts about it. Sadly for them, this often makes the content unreadable and appear as if it is broken English. This sort of content is not allowed by Adsense and it will get your account banned or simply not approved in the first place.

But Orignal Content Doesn't Have to Be 100% Original!

Here is the 100% truth about what "original content" really is. Let's just say someone has written a post about "The Largest Animals In the World". I choose that topic because thousands of people have written that very post and most of them have Ads running on that page. So what is going on here? OK, so while the topic of the content (and most probably the list of animals involved) is the same on every post, the content itself is written in an original way. Not spun, not remixed, just a well-written piece of content about a popular search term. You don't have to come up with original content ideas, you just have to come up with original content itself even if it is based on a common title or search term. That is what "original content" really means, not some weird piece of content about something no-one on earth has written before.

It's OK to talk about well-used content in a post as long as your thoughts and opinions are 100% original. It's OK to use those same old and tired keywords to gain traffic and of course Adsense revenue, as long as you are giving the users your viewpoint on the content matter in an original way. Adsense doesn't care if the subject matter isn't original, it cares that the way you are putting out that content is original in design, wording or thoughts.

So the bottom line is don't be afraid to try and make Adsense money with those same tired and tested subjects. Just as long as the content you are making on it isn't copied from elsewhere.  And if you do copy someone else content make sure you add real value to it by adding your own content and of course getting permission to use that content in the first place. As long as the main percentage of that copied article is your own added original content (80% or more) then it won't be classed as a copy, just an original viewpoint on a previously published article. And if you can improve on your own content and throw in some internal site linking then all the better.

Well, I hope you are more "Woke" on what "original content really is now. As always if you have any other questions relating to Adsense do leave them in the comments box below and will answer them there or make a whole post for you with your answer.


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