Why is Adsense Telling me You Use This Other Email Address?

Why is Adsense Telling me You Use This Other Email Address?
Why is Adsense Telling me You Use This Other Email Address? 

This is a problem a lot of people have and I want to deal with the problem and questions I get once and for all with this post. What happens is, when people sign up to Adsense they get an error message back saying this: Thanks for your interest in AdSense. Did you know you already have another AdSense account that you could use? AdSense only allows one account per person. To get started with AdSense, you can either:

1. Continue using your existing account, associated with ****&gmail.com. If you can’t access this account, follow the steps in our login troubleshooter.


2. Close your other account(s) by following the steps in the Help Center article Cancel your AdSense account, and then try signing in again.

But you will be surprised at the number of people who tell me they have no idea about what this email address Adsense is and can't do anything to sign up. If you have ever had this problem this post has the answers you need...

Adsense Are Not Playing Games With You!!!

Let's get one thing straight. When Adsense tells you there is already an Adsense account associated with "insert email address here" they have not plucked that address out of thin air and they would only tell you about it if it was DIRECTLY linked to yourself. This is usually an email linked to a YouTube channel that was demonetized or it is an email address linked to the EXACT name and address you are trying to sign up with. They are NOT getting you confused with someone else.

How Can I Get Out of This Account Loop?

The truth is there is only one way out of this loop and that is to use or close the other Adsense account. Calls of "I have no idea about it" is not going to work because like I said, there is a reason they are telling you about it. So, your only real option is to close the other account and this is how you do it...

Step 1: Remove ALL Adsense code from your site/sites before you do anything.
Step 2: Log Into Your older Adsense Account/Accounts
Step 3: Click on "Sites" then "Overview" on the left-hand side
Step 4: Click on the tiny arrows located next to each site and click "Remove" to each one you have.
Step 5: Click on Account on the left-hand side.
Step 6: Then click "Cancel Account". If you have more than $10 (£10) you will get a payment at the end of next month.
Wait 30 days before clicking on the "I've confirmed I've closed the other account" box then click the submit option.

But here is when the other problem arises. If you have been banned from Adsense for "invalid clicks" then you can never open an Adsense account in the same name again. Changing your email address and then proclaiming you have no idea about this other email address if not going to work. I know that for many people reading this it is not what you wanted to hear, but sadly it is the truth.

As always if you have any other questions relating to Adsense do leave them in the comments box below and will answer them there or make a whole post for you with your answer.


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