When Will I Get Paid My Adsense Earnings?

When Will I Get Paid My Adsense Earnings?
When Will I Get Paid My Adsense Earnings?

This is something that I get asked a lot, but it is something that can't be answered with any definite certainly. The good news is there are dates and times of the month that most people are paid and while it won't cover everyone reading this it should put a few minds at ease...

When Will I Get Paid My Youtube Earnings?

Let start with Youtube earnings as that is the way most people will earn from Adsense. So your earnings are calculated from the 1st of each month - to the last day of the month. But for 15 days after that point that is held in limbo while Adsense checks your earnings are legitimate and all the clicks are true clicks, not accidental ones. During this time frame of 15 days your earnings will fluctuate, they might go up and they might go down. This is what annoys most people as they are trying to work out what they will be paid and often find themselves getting it wrong.

When Will I Get Paid My Blog/Site Earnings?

Things are a LOT easier when it comes to blogs and websites running Adsense and all earnings are finalised at the exact end of the month. There is no 15 day transfer wait as it is already using your Adsense account (YouTube and Adsense might be owned by the same company, but they are indeed different companies) so at the end of the month (lets say the 31st for arguments sake) it will appear in the Balance part of your Adsense account.

OK, so your earnings have now been finalized, then if you are a Youtuber, on the 15th of each month, they are transferred to your Adsense account where you will see them added to the Balance. This balance will then be paid out as usual on the 23rd of the month. So let us get that time frame sorted...

If you earn $100 on the 1st of January, you won't see that money until the 23rd of February. While it is a long wait there is a lot of things to be tested and finalized to both Adsense and the marketing firm paying for the ads.

Its the 24th and I have still not been paid! HELP ME!

And here is the issue with telling people dates. In some parts of the world, it takes a lot longer to get paid and you might not see that money for several days after the Adsense pay date! Things like bank holidays, weekends, transfer processes to Western Union and of course the postal services means dates fluctuate a lot. So the truth is you should be waiting for at least 2 weeks after the Adsense pay date. But I hope knowing these dates might help a few people relax a little.

As always if you have any other questions relating to Adsense do leave them in the comments box below and will answer them there or make a whole post for you with your answer.