Using Adsense? Do you Have a Backup Plan?

Using Adsense? Do you Have a Backup Plan?
Using Adsense? Do you Have a Backup Plan?

There are millions of content creators all over the world and some of them do indeed make millions from it! But what happens if Adsense suddenly detects a problem and closes your account? Maybe due to invalid clicks or a change in policy, meaning your site or blog is no longer marketing-friendly! Are you prepared for that event? Probably not, but there are things you can do to protect yourself...

Stick To The Rules!

This might sound like the most obvious and that is why I started with it. By sticking to the rules and regulations of Adsense you can avoid doing anything wrong. The basics are always going to be the same. So don't click on your own ads, don't ask other people to do it and keep your content as family-friendly as you can.

Have a Backup Plan!

Most people think there is nothing you can do once Adsense closes your account, but that is not true. If you think ahead and make a backup plan you can have ads back up and running within minutes rather than weeks in the case of an appeal. The way you do this is by signing up to an Adsense alternative like Ezoic and using them instead of Adsense. But you should also sign up to Adsense first and foremost. This will give you a backup plan in case the worse happens as you can use one or the other.

Have Multiple Income Streams

So you have a blog that is running Adsense, but what if that suddenly goes away? By diversifying your income steam you can give yourself not only a backup plan in case that exact thing happens but also a ways to earn even more than you ever could with Adsense! There are several Adsense alternatives out there, so try and use as many of them as you can. Maybe some affiliate marketing, offer some guest posts or even ask for donations!

I have named just a few ways to give yourself a backup plan here and I am sure there are many more. If you do know of any please do leave a comment in the box below.