How To Discover That Lost Adsense Account You Made

How To Discover That Lost Adsense Account You Made
How To Discover That Lost Adsense Account You Made

Far too many people get caught out by the "You already have an Adesne account", but there really isn't any need to panic. I will tell you how to discover this lost email account and of course how to reactivate it or close it down...

How To Discover That Lost Adsense Account You Made
How To Discover That Lost Adsense Account You Made

Sometimes Google Will Tell You What That Account is!

If you do see an email like the image above it is a simple matter of finding out what email that is and signing into it. First of all, this is not some random email Google made up to trick you, it is an email linked to a Youtube channel you own or a blog you own or it is linked to your details like your name and address. There is almost ZERO chance that this is someone else's account.

That Account Was Disabled, I Want To Start Again

This is often the reason why people have more than one Adsense account. They think if they sign-up again and make a new Adsense account that they will be able to get their monetization back and this is simply not the case. A ban from Adsense usually means for LIFE! Not weeks or months, but forever. You have to use the same address or the same name with the same ID, so don't bother wasting your time trying to sign up again.

I Can't Remeber That Email Address Adsense is on About! Help Me!

The good news is there are things you can do to discover this email. Sometimes you will get lucky and it will be linked to a YouTube channel you can access. Just goto YouTube, then click the little Gear icon when you click on the channel icon found at the top right of the screen (on a desktop), then click "Advanced settings" and all the channel information you might need is there.

But if you don't have any Youtube channels you can always click here and follow the "Recover your Google Account or Gmail" instructions. Also, when trying to find out the email address you can enter a phone number that might be associated with that account. Then it will also allow you to change passwords and anything else you need to do.

Then it is just a matter of reactivating that old Adsense account (sign in to it and follow any "action" buttons there might be) or maybe deleting it which you can discover how to do that by clicking here >  How To Delete an Adsense Account

If you are having any issue with this or anything else Adsense related do let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to help if I can.


  1. I mistakenly have two adsense accounts and can't get in to close one of them down. What can I do? I want to monetise my YT channel!

    1. I have the same problem! Did you find a solution?

    2. Delete your entire google account, one which you don't need or in less use. Apply with the main google account and get all set. Once you have done that, reactivate the deleted account if you want as google gives you a time period of 30 days to recover your account. Try to recover as soon as possible, better to have a backup of your data with takeout.
      First sign in to google account and then navigate to data and personalization tab, you will find three options at one place, delete, takeout and plan.


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