Don't Get Trapped in These Adsense Closed Loops

Don't Get Trapped in These Adsense Closed Loops
Don't Get Trapped in These Adsense Closed Loops

You are probably wondering what are these closed loops I am talking about! While I will go into details in just a moment you need to know they are the pits of hell for some people who are just signing up to Adsense and there are even some that happen while your account is still active! So do read on for advice on how to avoid these closed loops and what they are...

What Are Adsense Closed Loops? 

These are loops in the Adsense system that will prevent you from moving forward with a certain action. This could be when you are trying to sign up, or even when your account is active. There is no way out of them and for many people, it means the end of the road for their Adsense future and current accounts. So trust me, you need to avoid them at all costs and here are the most common ones...

The Pin Request Loop

Adsense itself tells you that you get 3 attempts to enter the authentication pin into your Adsense account. But what they don't tell you is that once those 3 tires are up, it is the end of the road for you and you will be forever stuck in a closed loop. Once the last try is entered you will not be able to enter it again, nor request a new pin, nor open up another Adsense account because it will say the closed-loop one is already open, but you can't close it without the pin authentication. This is a nasty loop and one that is IMPOSSIBLE to get out of.

The I.D Request Loop

This is one I have already covered elsewhere on this blog (see this post: What Can You Do When You Fail Your Identity Check 3 Times?) but what it essentially means is you HAVE to get it right within 3 tries. If you fail on the third try you will be trapped in a loop forever, never to open the Adsense account and once again you will already have an Adsense account open so that means you can never open another one.

The Disabled Adsense Account Loop

Just when you thought it was bad enough that your Adsense account has been disabled for whatever reason, they tell you to appeal, leave a comment on the Adsense help forum or even "contact them" which is impossible. The truth is when your account is disabled it really is the end of the road for you. While some people will be able to get it reinstated via the appeal form the percentage of people is so small that it is hardly worth noting. And while I am a big helper on the Adsense help forums they are not much use when you need to talk to someone from Adsense.

The No-Ads Showing Loop

More and more people are reporting that ads are not showing on their sites and the truth is there is nothing you can do. Not showing ads? Leave a message on the Adsense help forum! (once again that is ultimately pointless), but there is no way to contact Adsense and get an answer. SO the only way you can truly avoid falling into this loop is to make sure your blog or site abides by all Adsense policies. That means no clicking on ads, no spun content only original content and nothing that might cause offence to people. While this is not easy, to be honest it really is the only way to avoid this one.

And those are the main ones that I know about and while there is little I can offer in the way of hope to anyone inside one of these closed loops I am at least always around on Twitter or this blog to answer your questions. So do get in touch if you need to.