Five Reasons You Might Consider Using an Adsense Alternative

Five Reasons You Might Consider Using an Adsense Alternative
Five Reasons You Might Consider Using an Adsense Alternative

Have you ever considered using an Adsense alternative? If not you might want to check out these five most common reasons people do use one as it might change your mind. While sadly none of these alternatives work with Youtube they do for site and blog owners and if that is you, you might want to read on...

More Money

I have already answered the question "Is Adsense Really The Highest Paying Ad network?" and while Adsense is the highest paying with hard work, you can sit back and let other ad-testing platforms and Adsense alternatives like Ezoic to do all the hard work for you. But this is without a doubt the main reason people will use one. After all, more money from a site or blog is always welcomed.

Better Features

While Adsense does have a lot of features there is a lot of ways it can be improved and some people will use an Adsense alternative for better features. Things like better click tracking, heatmaps and even theme testing are things many Adsense alternatives offer, but Adsense themselves don't


You will notice I just used the word "support" and not better support because let's face it. Adsense doesn't really have a support system and replies on a public forum to help people which it often doesn't. Many Adsense alternatives have actual Live Chat boxes! And if they don't have that they will have ticket email support and some even have a phone number!!! Sure, using some of the smaller Adsense alternatives can cause a drop in site revenue, but isn't all that support worth a small drop in Adsense revenue?

Last Chance Saloon

Getting banned from Adsense is one of the most common reasons people turn to an Adsense alternative, but it is often too late at that point and you will be rejected by many of them. While it is still worth joining an Adsense alternative if you have been banned do be aware that many of them will reject your application simply because Adsense has rejected you. There is also a lot of closed loops in Adsense and this could be another reason to use an Adsense alternative.

A Back-up Plan

And I will finish this post with the best bit of advice I can offer people who use Adsense. By using any of the Adsense Alternatives out there you give yourself a backup plan. You can use the alternative straight away and keep your Adsense account as a back-up or you can carry on using Adsense and keep the alterative as a back-up! What it does is give you an extra life if something bad happens. You might get banned for clicks, your content might suddenly be against updated Adsense policies, or you might not have done anything! Using an Adsense alternative will give you a chance to get ads back onto your blog or site straight away and not months as you wait for an Adsense appeal.

As always if you have any other questions relating to Adsense do leave them in the comments box below and will answer them there or make a whole post for you with your answer.


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