Did You Know There Are Several Admob Alternatives for Apps?

Did You Know There Are Several Admob Alternatives for Apps?
Did You Know There Are Several Admob Alternatives for Apps?

You are probably aware that there are several Adsense alternatives for sites and blogs, but what you might not know is that many of those cover apps as well! For this post, I will talk about some of those alternatives and hopefully, offer you some hope should your app be disabled from using Adsense...

Can I Use An Admob Alternative is My Adsense Account is Banned?

You might be thinking it is the end of the road when it comes to your AdMob account getting banned, but the good news is there are several alternatives that are worth signing up for. While you should be aware that Adsense rules and regulations are the same across most the Adsense alternatives, some will still let you sign up even if you have been banned from using Adsense or Admob.

What Are Some of The Admob Alteratives?

While there are far too many to go into now, some of the best and biggest are Media.net, Unity Ads & InMobi. While I have explained they might allow you to use Ads on your app, even if you have been banned from Adsense, it is far better to signup to these alternatives BEFORE you are banned from Adsense. But a quick Google search will reveal more than you might think. In fact, there are probably hundreds of these firms and while some pay more than others it is not always the case that Adsense and indeed Admob are the best paying. So it is worth shopping around.

How Easy is It To Implement The Ad Code For These Alteratives?

And now we get to the bad news. While the same code lines are similar with most Adsense/Admob alteratives there are times when it is not as easy as using Adsense or Admob. But at the end of the day one of these Admob alternatives could be your only option, so a little bit of extra work to keep earning an income is nothing.

While I am not so much and Admob expert, more an Adsense expert I am happy to try and answer any questions you have about this post and indeed anything else Adsense related. If you do have a question to drop me a comment in the box below.


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