What Can You Do When Your Adsense Account Gets Hacked?

What Can You Do When Your Adsense Account Gets Hacked?
What Can You Do When Your Adsense Account Gets Hacked?

It is the stuff of nightmares, especially if your Adsense via Youtube is your sole source of income. So what do you do when there is no way to contact Adsense themselves? For this article, I will try and answer all the questions you might have and some quick guide answers for those who need immediate help...

First of all, Don't Panic!

This is much easier said than done, but it is the key to getting things sorted out quickly. It is no good ranting and raving on social media, you need to do things for yourself and as quickly as you can. While there are many different ways people get their Adsense accounts hacked I have tried to cover the most common ways in which it happens. Please note that this Advice is based on you being hacked already, not advice to protect your account before it happens.

Change Passwords First and Foremost

Changing passwords is the first thing you should do. Don't wait until you get a 2nd email telling you something has been changed in the account, shut it down ASAP by changing the password. By doing this first you should stay in control of the situation.

Change Passwords For Everything Else!

I am ashamed to admit that I do use the same password across several sites, but even if you don't it is important to lock hackers out of any other things you might need to protect, especially YouTube, sites, blogs and anything else linked to your livelihood. Once you have control of your Adsense account by changing the passwords you will then feel a little more able to think of the other things you might need to protect.


The good news is you are now in control of Adsense, but most the time the damage has already been done so you need to check a few things out immediately. The first thing to check is your bank details. This is found by logging into your Adsense account (via the new password) and clicking on "payments" on the left-hand side. The first thing to do on this page is to click on "Manage Payment Methods". Here you will hopefully find only one set of details and if you do find more than one you should remove it or change it back to the details you need. So now the good news is you are in control of your payments.

Next, you need to click on "Manage Settings" on the same "payments" page. In here you need to check a few things. First is to make sure all the "Payments account" details are your own and only yours. Then a quick glance at "Payments profile" to make sure the same details are your own. But the main thing to check on this page is the "Payments contacts" emails. Make sure that the hackers didn't keep their foot in the door and that the only email address shown is your own. If there is more than one remove it immediately.

The next thing to take a look at is in "Account" then "Account Information". You need to take note of the "Publisher ID" number for future checks and to make sure your "Account Status" still says "Open". Then you need to use the "Publisher ID" number noted down.

Adsense account Secure, Now To Make The Content Safe

You should have already changed passwords to all your YouTube channels, websites and blogs meaning you will need to enter a new password at this stage (if not change it NOW). Once logged into your Youtube account you need to goto your Monetization page which is here https://www.youtube.com/account_monetization


Then you need to click on "Associated AdSense account". Once in there, you need to match the "AdSense ID:XXXXXXX" to the "Publisher ID" number you noted in the Adsense account. You don't need the "pub-" just the numbers at the end of it. As long as they match you are still in control of everything and can relax.

Also, you might need to do the same thing with all the sites and blogs you own (if they use Adsense ads) many hackers will change the "Publisher ID" to earn from you, so it is something you need to check across all your content incomes. This might all seem like basic information, but by doing these things ASAP do put you back in control ASAP. But as always, if you need further help with hacking or any Adsense advice do let me know in the comments below.