The Problem With the Adsense Help Forum is...

The Problem With the Adsense Help Forum is...
The Problem With the Adsense Help Forum is...

I have been helping people out on the Adsense help forum for a while now and will, of course, continue to do so. But there are some severe problems with it. If you just so happen to have used it yourself you will know exactly what I am talking about here and while I understand Google's point of using it, it doesn't mean we all have to like it...

No Offical Help

While there are several "Gold" award volunteers helping out on the forums (who do their best to help people) there are no official Adsense employees which means no official help. This results in nothing getting sorted out, nothing being done about the list of growing closed loops within the Adsense system and no forthcoming answers to the questions us forum helpers can't answer.

Often Help is no Help at All!

There are many questions that people ask on the help forum that we helpers simply can't help with. Things like closed loops and identification problems, pin problems and many, many YouTube monetization problems. You should also note that YouTube itself will often redirect people to the Adsense forums basically putting them into a loop with no possible help. There are simply far to many things the helpers can't help with!

The God Complex

As I said before I do help on the Adsense help forums and enjoy doing so, but if you are unlucky enough to have used it you will know there are far too many 'helpers' with gold or even just silver awards that think they have the right to be rude, racist and even narcissistic in their 'helpful' replies. 'Your content sucks' is not helpful, its just plain rude. I would love to tell you this is just a small percentage of the helpers, but in my personal observations, it is sadly a much high percentage. While there are ways to report the most severe things like racism, sexism and threats there is no way to report someone for being an arse.

Complex Questions go Unanswered

Unless it is something simple most Adsense helpers simply can't help because it might require someone with account access to fix it. This is especially true with Admob questions which are often related to the Adsense coding within their own apps. Once again, it is not them just turning up out of the blue, Admob themselves will once again often redirect them to the Adsense help forums.

Like I said at the start of this post, I get why Google use this system, but it really is flawed and sadly these...'issues' are not going to be resolved any time soon. But if you want a polite reply and some genuine help relating to Adsense do leave a comment in the comments box below and will answer them there or even make a whole post for you with your answer.


  1. yes it is, i have some question that not answered yet,,.. can i ask you?

    if i used toggle jquerry button, to hide half of my article, does it violate google adsense policy?

    toggle button is button that can show and hide element in the page, in my case, i use it to hide and show my last half of my article?

    please answer

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  3. Hi , I really need your help. Please, read below and let me know what can I do!
    I am facing ad limit issues on my Adsense account since November. It was on 16th November I received a mail from Adsense, which stated that there are invalid traffic concerns on my website. It stated that they will review my site again according to them and will remove the issue when everything is fine. Firstly, I never had any invalid traffic on my website. Still, I checked it all over and because there wasn't any invalid traffic I did not find any problem.
    Then I investigated through different forums and other friends in search of a solution. I found that I have to wait if there isn't any invalid traffic it would go away on its own.
    But the wait never ended because, since 16th November I have got the ads limited message again and again and again and again 7 times. That includes twice in December, twice in January, twice in February and once in March.
    I used to get my ads back but immediately removed them also. Towards February there were times when the ads limit issue used to go but then also ads were showing only on my laptop and phone. That was weird but in no time I used to get the message back again of ads limit.
    Then in March, I changed my website's theme(thinking if it might be causing a certain issue). But that too didn't work. So, I just removed my site completely from my Adsense account and deleted the site.
    I did this because I was not getting the exact issue for the problem. Because AdSense was telling me invalid traffic which I never had on my site. So, I discussed it with some blog friends of mine who are running Adsense well on their sites. So, according to their recommendation and my idea. I thought that "If I remove my site then re-apply for Adsense, then even if I face a rejection I'll get a genuine reply for what is the problem that Adsense if seeing in my site". So, after deleting my site.
    After 2 days I re-applied for Adsense. Within 15-17 hours I got the approval which stated that my site is ready to show ads. I thought that I am good to go and can get back to work.
    But still, there was some problem because I had pasted the code in my site header and auto ads were also on. But ads were still not showing on my site. So, thought to give it some time and wait. And after a few hours, I was having the same ad limit issue again.

    This was my complete story with which I have been struggling for the last 5 months. Please help me out in fixing this issue. I am not having any invalid traffic on my site.
    Thanks & Regards
    Samyak Jain

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