Are Some YouTubers Lying About Their Adsense Accounts Being Hacked?

Are Some YouTubers Lying About Their Adsense Accounts Being Hacked?
Are Some YouTubers Lying About Their Adsense Accounts Being Hacked?

I want to get one thing straight here, I am not calling anyone out here, nor am I saying any particular YouTubers Adsense problems are not real. This is a post based on my own thoughts and little more. While I know this is a controversial topic I hope by the end of this post you will understand why I might be thinking some YouTubers are not telling the whole truth...

The Yellow Sign of DEATH!

To a small YouTube channel, I can imagine a few videos marked down with a Yellow monetization sign is not a good thing. You need the money to grow the channel, but earnings are not going up. But what about a bigger channel? A channel with hundreds, if not thousands of older videos? I will stick my neck out here are tell you it won't affect them that much. In fact, it could even go unnoticed by their monthly earnings because the other, older videos will still be making money. Just a few videos being hit with the Yellow isn't going to affect many bigger names.

So why lie about it? 

They do so because people/their subscribers love them and don't want them to vanish off the face of the earth. So when the YouTuber (no names) say they keep getting hit with the Yellow monetization sign, they then open up other revenue streams like Merchandise, members clubs and even Patreon accounts and their fans will flock to them to save the channel. When the truth is the drop in revenue is not that much and on the bigger scheme of things not even noticeable! They just want more money and that is why they do it.

I am not saying ALL YouTubers do this, because some really will feel the effects of demonetization on just a few videos. But many won't and use trends like "YouTube Adpocalypse" to earn more than usual based on their subscribers own fears of losing the channel.


The Hack and Panic!

Sadly there are many times when Youtubers really will get their Adsense accounts hacked and it can affect them and their livelihood, especially if they are doing YouTube full time. But I put it to you that there are times when some YouTubers have blatantly lied about this happening just to throw people at their Merchandise, members clubs and Patreon account in order to earn a lot more than they currently are!

So why lie about it? 

As a devout subscriber, you will want to save their channel by any means and if that means sending them donations or signing up to their crowdfunding membership platform then so be it! But what if it was all a lie? What if the hack was just a near miss and it put the frighteners into them and they need to push their other revenue streams but didn't suffer any drop in revenue? Here is why I think this might be happening...

Being an Adsense expert I know the inner workings of an Adsense account and indeed the YouTube monetization tab. When a YouTube channel is hacked most people will see invasive videos posted on their channels, or even worse their whole channel being deleted! But what doesn't happen is they don't lose all their monetization and their Adsense accounts ost forever, losing all their revenue in one go. Even in a worst-case scenario, this is something that is easily sorted out by following tips to sort things out when your YouTube account has been hacked. At worse it could mean a lack of monetization for a few days, but very rarely would it be longer.

Look, I understand that SOME YouTubers will be deeply affected by the smallest of changes in their income, but I am also aware that some also use fear like a weapon and throw it around all the time, telling fans they will have to stop making videos if they don't get so many signups or merch sales, when it simply isn't true. But hey! Maybe it is just me being paranoid, what do you think?


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