How Hard Is It To Get 10,000 Blog Visits Per Month?

How Hard Is It To Get 10,000 Blog Visits Per Month?
How Hard Is It To Get 10,000 Blog Visits Per Month?

It might seem like a number plucked from the air, but 10K site/blog visits per month is more important than you might think. The first and main reason for that minimum amount is that Ezoic the powerful Adsense alternative sets this as the minimum requirement for sites and blogs, but another reason is also the reason they choose this number as well. For this post, I will tell you why this amount is important and why it really isn't that hard to achieve...

10K Per Month For Payouts

The most logical reason Ezoic has picked this number is that most people will get a payout at the end of the month if they are getting this amount of traffic. Most people will earn an RPM of £10 ($10) and this will result in them earning about £100 ($100) per month which should lead to a payout most months.

10K Per Month Shows You Are Serious

If you have this amount of traffic per month you are well on your way to blogging glory. Most blogs and sites will get nowhere near that amount which means you are putting in the time and effort on your site and that means you should get rewarded with the most revenue. While there is no way to know exact numbers I would guess that just getting 10,000 visitors a month will put you in the top 5% of all blogs and sites online. Not many make it this far as you have already done the hard job of getting those numbers.

10K Per Month Really Isn't a Lot

While at first, that number sounds like a lot you really need to break it down to individual posts and amounts. If you make 20 posts per month that is only 500 visitors per month! But then there is the legacy amount, so take some time to do some SEO and your older posts will still earn a little bit of traffic. So if you blog for just 3 months, 20 posts at a time you then only need 167 visitors per post! If just one of those goes viral you could clear that amount with a single post!

Look, at the end of the day blogging ain't easy and if you can make it to 10K visits a month you really should be earning the most amount of revenue so you can reward yourself but also use that revenue to help your site grow. So why not give Ezoic a chance (provided you have the numbers).