What Ways Can I Increase My Youtube Adsense Revenue?

What Ways Can I Increase My Youtube Adsense Revenue?

You might think that there isn't a whole lot you can do about this, but the opposite is indeed the truth. There are lots of things you can do that will increase your Adsense revenue and while I won't be going into all of them in this post I will be showing you the most common and indeed easiest ways to increase your Youtube Adsense revenue...

Become Family Friendly

This is something a lot of people get confused with and think it is not for them. All gaming channels can achieve this by playing only family-friendly (PG-rated) games and editing out all the swearing.  Vloggers can achieve this by staying away from controversial topics and tags and removing all swear words from their videos, in fact just about anyone with any channel can indeed be considered Family Friendly if you put in some time and effort do be so. For some people, this is not an option, but it is one of the most common ways to increase your Adsense revenue.

Remove all Copywirtted Content

If you have older videos that have copyrighted content on them why not remove that video which will often lead to people watching other videos on your channel that aren't copyrighted. That means more money in your pocket and less in the hands of the big corporations. But things don't stop there, especially for gaming channels. By simply turning the sound down on most games and talking louder over it you can avoid Copywrite strikes on the music which is often the main problem. You can keep Copywrite free if you try hard enough, but it might mean a small change in the way you generate and render your content.

Use Those Mid-Rolls

You can read a lot more about this in my post "Making the best use of Those Mid-Roll Ads on YouTube" and yet it is still something people can't be bothered with. Yes, it requires a little extra work to make the earnings increase, but any increase can only be a good thing and always worth doing.

Be a Better Marketer

This doesn't mean you need to become an internet marketer overnight, what it means is that you need to get into the mind of the ad-clickers. If you have a gaming channel that might mean something as simple as changing your titles from "Game X Review" to "Is Game X Worth Buying?" or something more search term friendly. You don't have to suddenly start to do unboxings to make more money, you can just answer peoples searchable questions, in turn, will mean more clicks and of course more revenue. This is especially true with older articles as they can still be gold mines with a little change in both titles and tags. Just play around and see what works best for you and your audience.

You might have noticed a theme in all of these ideas and that is the fact that they all require you to make some extra effort. But the same is true with any earning potential. You want more money from work, you need to work harder and maybe longer, you want to earn more Adsense revenue you need to put some effort into doing so. But it is more than possible no matter what genre you are making videos in. As always if you have any other questions relating to Adsense do leave them in the comments box below and will answer them there or make a whole post for you with your answer.


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